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Coming Redly or not

Blue, brown and white.

They’re not very exciting are they? Even if you say them slowly, not even if you call them by their proper arty names of Ultramarine Blue, Burnt Sienna and Titanium White. It’s still not overly exciting. And yet, I’ve got a feeling they might end up being more inspiring exciting than I currently consider. They are the colour of choice for the workshop tomorrow that is ambiguously entitled “Figures in acrylics”. Which as far as I am concerned is somewhat vaguely unhelpful. Are these figures to be clothed, or nude? (yeh, I know I’ve been around too many naked people to jump to THAT conclusion! But, hey, I’m an artist and well all do life drawing don’t we?!). Are these *figures* to be singular or plural, to be seated quietly in a chair, or perhaps doing something that might be vaguely of interest, like a crossword, playing cards, or reading? Mmmm……. decisions, decisions, which has lead on to me struggling to find suitable source material that I am happy with, that inspires me, that is something that will be perfectly right for the workshop (bearing in mind I don’t have a clue what the tutor normally paints). But, all in all, I think I may have problems with the blue-brown-white palette, especially when I look at the picture I want to base my picture on which does have a strong base colour, but its none of those. Now, I know you can MIX colours to make other colours, natch, but you cannae mix this colour for one, very good, reason. You cannae change the laws of physics. And that would be because its a primary colour, and they are pure and clean and exist totally in that state and cannot be MADE. So, I may have a bit of a problem with that one. But, I’m sure I’ll be able to work around it, after all that’s what attending these workshops is all about – to learn, to practice, to find new ways of doing things, to boldly go where no one has gone before (why do I keep reverting back to Star Trek I’m now wondering?). Anyway, that’s the plan for tomorrow, space, the final frontier our ongoing mission to seek out new art worlds and civilizations. And to find RED where no red exists – and to keep off the Star Trek theme tune when I’m painting two figures (not one, Captain, two) who are dancing, dancing the tango, which I find very erotic and sexy. Hence the red. Buthey, we’ll go with it, and see what we come up with, and if I get stuck I’ll make em Klingons. That’ll work?!!!! 🙂



2 thoughts on “Coming Redly or not”

  1. Maybe dancing in the nighttime shadows with strong light-dark contrasts?

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