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Anticipation of the sweetest kind

There are always some paintings that are difficult to paint, for their subject matter or the technical ability that goes into creating them,  but I like a challenge and different subject matters, so I suppose it was about time I tackled a subject such as this one. It is erotic, after all.

It depicts two beautiful women, both sexily dressed, only wearing underwear, one in matching embroidered pretty bra and panties, the other in a black basque with lace detail at the side, and matching lacy topped stockings and suspenders (if you like that sort of thing, and I haven’t met a man yet who doesn’t go cross eyed at the thought). And just to add the eroticism of two gorgeous women, they are doing something that again makes men (and sometimes women!) go weak at the knees – they are sharing a kiss, both of them enjoying the deeply erotic sensation, their mouths soft and exploring, eyes closed, breath soft, hands ready to explore each others bodies, and pull each other ever closer, as the passion rises and the kisses turn more fevered. The brunettes hand is gently entwined in the suspenders of the blonde who in turn has her hand running through her lovers hair, their other hands out of sight, but no doubt about to explore further.

This painting was done in watercolour and I had fun drawing out various ideas before deciding on this pose. I wanted the women to be totally involved with each other, unaware of the viewer (or at least ignoring them since they were so intent on eath other).  I wanted them to be dressed rather than naked since that makes it far more erotic to think about them undressing each other, but was happy for a lot of soft bare skin to be on show, with bare arms and legs, stomachs and bums.  But overall I wanted the picture to be feminine, soft and sexy but with a lot of promise and anticipation of what is going to happen next (more male fantasy stuff !). I also wanted the background to be hazy but with my usual mix of colours mingling on the paper, adding to the focal point of the two women, but the luscious bottom and curved back of the blonde woman more prominent  – since it is a very lovely bottom and is certainly as much admired as the kiss is, in the painting.

The painting, is called “Sweet anticipation” since as I said before most men find the idea of two women together to be incredibly erotic, for the fantasy of watching them together, and perhaps joining in in due course, or just for the fun of watching them enjoy each other. Of course, he may not get the chance to join in, not this time, they might just be more than happy to carry on as they are, kisses building up, their hands soft but insistent as they trail down the skin of the other, fingers exploring further ……….

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