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Why I turned her down

A friend asked me yesterday if I was free one night next week. The answer was a regretful “No, sorry, can’t”. it’s not as if I didn’t want to see her, I do, but we’ve arranged to meet in a couple of weeks anyway. And it’s difficult to say more than “I’ve got a lot on at the moment” and no doubt people think, oh, ok then, she’s a bit busy.

But, it doesn’t explain it, not at all.

For instance, this week, I am sorting out which paintings or drawings to take to the Sh! exhibition next week.
I don’t know exactly which are the best ones to take with me, as I’ve never exhibited there before. I don’t know how big the wall space is, how good the lighting is, what sort of paintings are likely to sell there. Its a new venue for me. So, I’ve got to take a good selection of my artwork.
And some of whichever I choose to take, may need to be re framed. So I need to sort that out.
And they will need wrapping up in bubble wrap to transport them.
And I will need to make sure that I have the painting title cards ready to take with me for them.
And I will need to make sure that I have the right equipment with me for hanging, for when I get there I don’t want any conversations about “Oh, I thought YOU were bringing the hammer and nails with you”.

And because I’m exhibiting at Sh! its prompted a couple of interesting conversations – one by text, one by email, regarding the possibility of other work that may come my way in commissions. I never know with commissions if people are really serious, or just like asking a few questions of a woman artist, or whether they like the idea, and may, just maybe, at sometime in the future, get back to me, if they don’t go off the idea in the meantime. It happens, and I know its part of the way of an artists life. But, I treat all conversations equally as “Well, it might be a good commission for me” and “Well, I may not get it, so don’t get too excited at the prospect”. I try to be fair with everyone I deal with, and will explain the artistic process for them, once they have decided what sort of painting they want, subject matter, size, medium, and price range they are considering.

And, just to add to the mix, I’m still in the process of updating my new website, and that’s taking far longer than I had hoped.

And I’ve joined Twitter this last week, and am slowly building that up.

As well as the comments I’ve had on Facebook for the exhibition.

AND, as if that isn’t enough, I’ve got a big exhibition on at Ticknall Village Hall  in South Derbyshire,this weekend, that is something I enjoy being part of, as there will be about 1,000 paintings hanging there from all sorts of artists, both amateur and professional. The money raised there is for the village school fund raising, and makes a vast difference to the people involved there.

So, that’s why I’m a “bit busy” this week and next, I can’t see her next week, not at all.

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