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Business with Lucy in the very erotic style

My good friend Lucy Felthouse came around last night, and as always was a joy and delight to be with. I know it is technically a business meeting, and most of the night was actually discussing business, although anyone else listening to the subject matter would find an awful lot to be titillated over, for certain. But that is all very normal for us, in our line of work, since I am an Erotic Artist, and she is a Erotic Writer, although both of us are perfectly capable of doing non erotic subject matter within our scope of work, we both enjoy the erotic stuff, and it seems to be the way forward for both of us judging by the fan base of people who are interested in our work and are happy to part with their money to prove the point!

Part of the nights discussions was of us collaborating on an idea where we can work together on a project, since Lucy as asked me to design the front cover of her latest book, and I must admit she couldn’t have asked me to do anything I’d like to do more, since she wanted one of my favourite subject matters painting. She had emailed me the first draft of  the story she wanted me to illustrate earlier in the afternoon, and I had read the short story and been intrigued with it, partly as she had written it from the man’s perspective, and partly because I loved the idea within the tale. In my mind I had envisioned the scene, the surrounding area, and the action that had taken place within it. When Lucy came over later that evening we discussed it, and I described my thoughts regarding it, and to help me to understand it better she showed me photos she had taken of that specific area of water in Derbyshire that is featured in the story. But when I saw it, it took me aback, as the place was far bleaker than I had imagined, and had no trees there, not one, and yet in my version of it in my head, there were loads of trees, tall ones, a whole wood of em! So from that knowledge, and her knowledge, we sat down and talked it over, and I asked her her ideas of what she had thought about the picture, and I explained my ideas, and very quickly we were in agreement of the image that would work.  And its one that I find very exciting….

…..I’m not sure how much I can say about the book before it is published, but my part is the design for the front cover that is featured in the story Lucy showed me yesterday, a very sexy story about an inquisitive man and a mythical creature, an illusive creature, a mysterious creature of water, but not of the sea, although she is still a mermaid, and I find mermaids very sexy as a concept and absolutely love to paint them. But also the image has to bear in mind that it needs to be clear on a cover of a book, it needs strong contrasts, and sharp detail, and enough room within the image for the title and authors name to be printed on.  Plus, even though its got erotic content inside the covers can’t be too naughty, so I’m going to have to tone that down a lot, unfortuantely, but it’s not a huge problem to do. So, that’s my next project, and I shall love doing it for her, and I’m all fired up over it and can’t wait to get going on it!

But, the next couple of days I need to get ready for exhibiting at Ticknall, in South Derbyshire, as I am part of Ashby Guild of Artists exhibition at the village hall there over the bank holiday weekend. It’s an annual exhibition and one that I am always happy to be part of, and see what other work my fellow artists have produced in the last few months. So, if you’re able to come along, please do so, it would be good to see you there, and we are pleased to announce that the charity we are donating to this year is “Fishing for heroes”. So, its for a good cause, and we’ll also be serving some delicious cake and tea or coffee, which makes for a very pleasant trip out in lovely rural surroundings. So, mermaids will have to wait a day or too, but I’m sure they will be as fresh in my head then as they are now…. fresh, sexy, alluring, and very very sensual…..

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  2. Jackie Adshead

    Mette – Thankyou, I'm delighted to hear it, and thanks for the link!

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