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Speaking to the crowd

My friend the librarian rang me yesterday with a proposal.

It was one she had mentioned to me last July when I had my exhibition at the library, and she had been so upbeat about my art, and about me as an artist then, so the full invite wasn’t a surprise, it was just that I wasn’t expecting it JUST yet! She asked me if I still wanted to do it? Yes, I said, I do. She said that if my nerves were going to get the better of me, it was best if I backed out now, before they have the publicity printed. No, I said, I will do it. I said I would last year, and stand by my promises. Ok, she said, as she gave me the date, and the time, and told me what was expected of me. I listened to her, she’s always so inspirational in her positive attitude and supportive comments, and feeds my positivity. I could feel the excitement rise in me as we made the arrangements.

It helps somewhat that there will be more than just me there. But, I can see why she’s asked me, and I can see my place within the setting. And I feel strongly that it is the right setting for me. There will be others there too, also doing their bit, although their “bits” are different to mine, but then perhaps that’s what will make it more interesting for the audience.The audience isn’t expected to be more than a hundred people, but it will be bigger than I’ve spoken to before, hence her asking me if I was still happy with the idea. 

The event is for Women in Arts, and she wants me to be part of it. I am proud to have been asked, and especially happy to accept since I am a female artist, mainly doing art based on women and the female form, so I can see my place there. I also know that part of what I do is good therapy for the people who have posed for me, and that I produce artwork that people really respond to, and which I hope is life enhancing. So, I am passionate about my profession as well as my art.

She wants me to talk for fifteen minutes with perhaps five minutes afterwards for questions. She assures me that as soon as I smile, I will win them over. She suggested I talk about any funny moments, any amusing tales, and just to talk about what I do….. as an Erotic Artist. Ok, an interesting subject already, and one that will intrigue most people before I start. Its my subject. I just need to get the subject matter in order, and dredge up the amusing tales…. there are enough of them, and certainly it helped when the librarian referred to me being the “cheeky one” during the event. I like that! It is, after all a cheeky subject. And although I am professional in my approach, I try to include humour and cheekiness within my demeanor, it helps to break any awkward moments I suppose for other people. I’ve got a few weeks to prepare, but I want to start as soon as I can to get my notes ready, and think what points I want to get across……. and whether I should mention the Fantasy Fannies or not. UUmmm……..

2 thoughts on “Speaking to the crowd”

  1. One Woman's Thoughts

    My lips are upturned into a smile merely at the thought of what fun you seem to be. I somehow sense that you'll be tossing a humorous and erotic net over your audience with very view wanting to escape the pleasures of your talents.
    Best wishes on your adventure.

  2. Jackie Adshead

    One Woman's thoughts – Well, I do try to be fun, and make it fun for others. As indeed it should be! So, I am delighted that you find that I am putting a smile on your lips too!

    I sometimes forget how unusual other people find this erotic art subject since it is so "normal" for me. So, I hope that I can go some way to explain to my audience what I aim at, and what my job entails. I suppose it's just being at ease with people, and making them feel easy about it too. So humorous tales will certainly help with that, without shocking them too much in the mean time!

    I agree it is an adventure, and thankyou, for your good wishes…

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