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Passing on the creativity

My mate the erotic writer Lucy Felthouse came over the other night for a drink and a chat, and I know most “business” meetings are boring – but ours NEVER are!!! Since we’re never far away from what Lucy smilingly refers to as “smut”! (lovely word, so very evocative!). But when we’re both in the business of selling erotic fantasies, what do you expect! I’ve not seen her for months so it was great to have a catch-up chat and ask about each others work and what each has been doing in our private lives… she’s always amused when she thinks that a lot of people think she’s actually done what she’s writing about. I’m never asked that though, but perhaps people expect that one way or another, an artist creates an illusion……

By the end of the evening, when we were all “smutted out” and it was time for Lucy to go, she commented about me writing about some of the things I’d talked of to her. I could instantly feel the fire of desire rise within me! I wanted that, I wanted it a lot. I’ve always felt that I want to write, and the obvious thing would to be erotica, so, that’s given me something to think about, too….. which is normal when Lucy and I get together!

And there must definitely be something in the air this week, because when I had a chat on the phone earlier with my new muse, to arrange the next drawing session, and told her that I’d stayed up til 2 o’clock in the morning drawing her because I was so inspired, and she told me that she was now also inspired to write some erotic stories too! I love it when the creative spirit feeds from other people’s creativity! Absolutely love it!!!!

I’m really pleased with the drawing I’ve done so far of her. I needs a bit more work doing on it though before I show it here. It was difficult to even decide which paper to use to start with. I made the mistake of starting with a coloured textured paper, and tore it up before I’d done too much to it, to swap to a smooth white cartridge paper. She’s so soft and feminine, that the paper has to match that softness. I decided to use dark graphite pencil in the end, rather than a colour, or a range of colours. Again, her beauty doesn’t need to be gilded too much – just a single colour will emphasis that. But I know the more I draw her and the more I am used to looking at her, and seeing her, that I may branch out to other colours, other textured papers, other coloured papers, paint, bright vibrant paint, and large brush strokes. But, I am starting slowly at the moment…..whilst the passion rises within me again.

2 thoughts on “Passing on the creativity”

  1. Lucy Felthouse

    I've certainly never been to a business meeting as interesting as ours!! 🙂

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