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Getting back in the swing

It all seems so sweetly natural…to have the internet back, to be able to blog again, to read and reply to emails. And yet I’ve waited almost two whole tedious months for this.

Its dragged, and yet, it’s gone quickly too. As is the way with the passing of time…..

Only two months left of the year and its been such a massive year for me, the B I G G E S T and most challenging ever. Sorting out my life, saying goodbye to the past and moving on, to the future. A future that may be partly uncertain, but hopefully full of all sorts of interesting mentally and physically stimulating things, and fascinating people and new experiences, too.

It is a future with good friendships from the past, some old, some newer. There is a strength within those friendships that feeds various facets of my persona. Some vanilla, some less so. The Guild of Erotic Artists continues to be a good base for me, and I value the help and support I get from the members. It has been with deep regret that I have been unable to exhibit at Erotica at Olympia this year, partly through constraints of time, partly through my personal circumstances, partly because I need to fully concentrate on doing it and can’t at the moment, and partly due to the large financial outlay it involves. But, as in all things, maybe when one door can’t be opened, another opens in its place, and I am always happy to peek through other doorways to see where they might lead me.

Infact, I did just that, on Thursday.

It was a new doorway, a big one, one full of promises of exciting things to an Erotic Artist……..

…and through that doorway I met someone…… a woman…… a beautiful dark haired woman…..who inspires me to want to paint again. She may even be my next muse. But we need to talk further about that subject, and I don’t know if our paths will cross again, but it they do, I shall draw her, with the greatest of pleasure……..

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