Dirty little secrets

Its always nice when a friend asks if you’re free to meet him in town for a meal. Its even nicer when you know that he doesn’t live in this area but over two hours away by road but just happens to be coming up from the London area for the day. So, I was delighed to accept with alacrity. The fact that he was bringing a friend was a bonus. Especially when I knew who it was, as she was someone important in my life although we’d only met briefly once before…..

The day shone bright (and so it should for flaming June, EVEN in England………….!) and I met them at the appointed time, in the market place where there were busy bars and restaurants. I found them straight away and greeted them both with a hug and kiss. We sat chatting over drinks aboout the weather (how English!), the people in our lives and the lastest gossip. And then I was able to ask her the question, the one I KNEW I was going to ask her…………..

“So, how do you like it then?”
And she replied with a big grin and said “I love it, I love it so much I’ve bought a mirror so that I can see it from both angles”
I smiled with delight and asked her if others had noticed her secret?
She shook her head “No, they haven’t”
I was even more delighted to hear that. That was EXACTLY what I wanted to hear!
Infact a guy she knows had been standing really close to study it and he hadn’t seen it. Not until my male friend had said “Are you looking for the filth?”
I guffawed with laughter when he said that, as I knew he was being provocative and amusing with that  pointed comment.
Because he was talking about this. This painting I did a couple of years ago which was a gift for the woman, something commissioned for her, and given to her by two close friends who know her tastes well and wanted to give her something special and unique. So they’d contacted me and asked me to do this painting for her. Its called “Towering passions” and is the skyline of New York at night. But hidden within the painting is a naked couple, making love. But most people don’t see them, because they’re expecting to look at the verticals and horizontals of the skyline and don’t expect that there’s a secret in there. A secret only a few know about. And that’s why she bought a mirror, so that she can see it from all angles when she’s sitting in her lounge. How good is that!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been an artist all of my life, and my paintings now hang on walls in Europe, USA and Canada. I'm working on getting them on the other continents! My wide range of artwork has been exhibited nearer to home in the East Midlands, with the Guild of Erotic Artists at Beaumont Hall Studios in Hertfordshire, and at "Erotica", Olympia, London. I have also been featured alongside my work in the Guild of Erotic Artists book (volume 2). I love to create dramatic interest in my pictures, whether it’s to paint an unusual landscape, or just to utilise dramatic lighting in my figure drawings or strong colour in my animal portraits. Delighting in the spontaneous tendencies of watercolour adds an interesting and distinctive look to my paintings, some of which are purposefully ambiguous, enabling the viewer to use their own interpretation of my artwork. I also love to hide images, and humour within my paintings, whether it’s a secret message, or an erotic couple hidden within a landscape, or even an erotic landscape where the couple are camouflaged as the features of the land itself. I am equally happy painting in oils, acrylics or watercolours and love to draw with pencil or ink. I have also developed the very effective method of drawing using white pencil on black card which creates dramatic pictures by just picking out where the light catches the body and leaving the rest of the image to the imagination, in darkness. I can also utilise many different styles, whether it is realistic, abstract, surrealistic, erotic, fantasy or camouflage art where something is hidden within the painting. I'm just passionate about my art, whatever I paint! But, it doesn't matter how many landscapes or pet portraits I paint, its always the erotic stuff that people are interested in! I started blogging to share some of the strange conversations I have with the people I meet. But its evolved into far more than that now.

Comments (4)

  1. nitebyrd
    Jun 15, 2010

    That's such an amazing painting, Jackie. I hope your friend was joking when he said, "filth"!

  2. Jackie Adshead
    Jun 16, 2010

    Nitebyrd – Thankyou, I think so too. Yes, he was joking when he said "filth" – just making a provocative comment to be amusing with a little shock value! 🙂

  3. Curvaceous Dee
    Jun 24, 2010

    That's such a gorgeous painting – I had fun finding the hidden image, and enjoying it once I did 🙂

    xx Dee

  4. Jackie Adshead
    Jun 24, 2010

    Curvaceous Dee – And that was EXACTLY what I intended when I painted it! Glad you enjoyed it!!

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