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As if there wasn’t enough happening

I’ve got my first solo exhibition coming up in ten days time. So there’s a lot to do to prepare and get things ready. It’s only at the library at Burton on Trent in Staffordshire but it’s an excellent venue, the exhibition space is great, the light is great,the staff are enthusiastic and they have a lot of people through the door there. So all in all, its a good thing and I want to do my best for the show. I think I can hang a good amount of artwork, and I can hang prints as well so there will be something for everybody, and if I want to do some demonstrations I can, and just get involved with the patrons of the fair brewing town of Burton on Trent.

Except, this is the week that I’m house hunting.

And this is the week that I’ve viewed not one but two houses that I REALLY REALLY like. Fortunately they happen to be three doors away from each other so it’s easy to view them together. The problem is, and its a nice problem in a way, is that there are aspects of BOTH houses that I really like. If I could take the kitchen, bathroom and the room that I would use to paint in, and mix them into the other house I’d have a perfect mix. But I can’t. So I have to make a decision. Which one do I want MOST????

Mmm…… I’m been thinking long and hard about THAT question. And I THINK I’ve come up with the answer. But it DOES mean another viewing of both of them to fully answer that question. So I’ve arranged to do that in the next few days.

And JUST to add to the lovely mix of the week, the week when I’ve got enough on my plate as it is. This  week is the VERY week that my car was involved in a car accident. AGAIN. And I’ve only had my car back ONLY three weeks from the last dent put into it whilst I was down in Essex and an old man reversed his car out of a parking space in a pub car park, to richocet into a Mercedes parked next to  mine, and shunt it at force sideways into my parked car and embed the cars into each other. Thank goodness no one was in either car so no one was hurt and the old man admitted liability so I was able to have my car repaired quickly and it came back looking pristine and new again all of THREE weeks ago. So, you can imagine how delighted I was to be driven into by a tow truck  yesterday and find that he had dented it in more or less the same place as the last dent! When I spoke to the repair garage, who had only sent it back all done three weeks ago, the receptionist said she THOUGHT the name and car reg was familiar! I said the lads in the body shop will say they only fixed this car last month, and its back again. Like deja vu!!!!!

So whilst I’m dealing with all of that, and sorting out the hire car, its not getting things done for the exhibition at the library. At this rate, I’ll have to book in again next year for a repeat performance, and hope that I haven’t got so much on my plate THEN!!! 🙂

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