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All fired up

The Burton library exhibition isn’t abandoned totally.  Infact I think I’ll be able to put quite a few pictures in. It’s just that I won’t be able to do as much for it as I had hoped for, originally. But that’s ok. And I’ll also be able to hang some of the more acceptable erotic ones there. Infact it was the brightly coloured abstracts like this one that got me the exhibition in the first place!

I appreciate that some of my work though, is totally inappropriate for a public library, so to that end, I’ll also be putting in some small framed prints of tigers, other animals, and landscapes. Far more acceptable for some, I’m sure!!! LOL

I’m looking forward to it and know that some friends will be attending at some point over the fortnight to see what I’m exhibiting there and I’ll appreciate their feedback. Stuart and his wife are going he tells me, and I know he’ll let me know what he thinks of it. He’s recently tried to get an article printed in the Guardian newspaper about his amusing experience of being drawn by me the first daunting time, but the paper say that they’ve only recently printed a similar article so have turned it away. Undeterred, as he’s aware of the fickle natures of newspapers, he’s trying another publication he thinks may be interested and rings me regularly with any news (yes, pun intended!!).

Last night I attended a meeting for one of the art groups I’m a member of to discuss feedback regarding recent exhibitions and the possibility of other venues in the area for new ones. The usual stuff. Afterwards in the bar a few of them stayed on for drinks and a social chat and the boyfriend of one of them joined his artist girlfriend and was happy to join the group. He’s a nice easy going fella and I’ve known him many years. He sat back and listened as the chat went back and forth across the table. Talks of places to paint, and dates arranged for painting days, where you just set up your easel and paint a particular scene, but with the knowledge that others will be around if you don’t want to be a lone woman out painting on your own. And then someone excitedly talked about using acrylics and how much she liked them after years of being a pastel painter, and then someone else excitedly talked of the new acrylic paints that don’t dry instantly, but allow you to have a couple of days to still move the paint around if you need to, and at that I really perked up and eagerly asked to know more about them.  Only for the flat phrase to fall on the converstion from the boyfriend overhearing it all “ART GEEKS!” he said. And we stopped and looked at him inquisitively. “You’re all ART GEEKS!” he said again, and I grinned. I suppose we are. But it’s because we’re excited about it, and love to hear of new techniques or paints or where to buy the cheapest watercolour paper or best types of pastels. We’re art geeks!  I agree!!!!!

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  1. Jackie Adshead

    Anonymous – I'm delighted to hear it, thankyou, that's what I aim for!

  2. Many thanks for your information! I really enjoyed reading it.

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