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Revealing the importance of the craving

Its been a while since I drew my male model but we were finally able to get together this week for another drawing session.

After our usual initial cup of hot sweet tea and chat about any updates in our lives we were ready to start. I made sure the room was warm enough as this week has been particuarly cold. So, fire lit, easel set up with paper and drawing implements to hand and we’re ready to go.

He asked me what pose I had in mind, and I eyed his shirt and stated that a pose with his shirt partly un-buttoned might be a good idea. He started to unbutton it, and then on the spur of the moment we decided between us that his undone jeans might be a better idea. Ok, then, undone jeans. And that led to him taking off his underpants since they were “in the way” and that is how I ended up drawing him with his jeans half off, and no shirt at all!!!! LOL

We chatted as I drew him, the background beat of “Bad Company” in the background adding to the artistic flourishes (I DO like Paul Rogers!). And as I drew him, he stated that on the way to my house he’d had a thought  and a grin to himself that within an hour of coming to see me he’d be naked in my company. And said that he wished various other women in his past life had asked him to do that too!!!! He made me laff with that comment. But, joking aside, we both know its not sexual, its just……………..well……….art!

The drawing went well and I was happy with it when it was finished. We both stood contemplating it afterwards and he made the comment “There is no better compliment than someone drawing you” and I thought about his words. I suppose I’m so used to doing it that I sometimes forget. That to be looked at, and for the artist to take what they see and use their talents to enhance and create a work of art from it, taking the essence of what they are, and adding it to the essence of what you are, to make a third being – a piece of ART is such a special thing. I sometimes underestimate the importance of it. But, no one else in my life seems to. They all KNOW.

The drawing, after due deliberation,  is entitled “Reveal the craving”. the craving is both within the man in the drawing, and the viewer themselves. His left arm is hidden infront of him so the viewer can only guess at his craving, but the fact that he is gently dropping his jeans shows us that he wants to interact with us. And certainly, I think that those peachy male buttocks are certainly creating a craving within the viewer too! MMmmm…… 🙂 

6 thoughts on “Revealing the importance of the craving”

  1. Curvaceous Dee

    Given that my response, upon seeing your painting, was to go 'mmmmmmmm!' I'd say you're definitely doing an amazing job 🙂

    xx Dee

  2. Jackie Adshead

    Curvaceous Dee – Ok, I'll take that as a yes then!!! LOL

    Thankyou, I'm delighted you think so.

  3. BlazngScarlet

    Peachy bum indeed!
    Lovely …

    The title is perfect as well.

  4. Jackie Adshead

    Blazng Scarlet – Aw thankyou….

    I'm delighted you think the title is perfect, it took me ages to think of it!!!

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