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Cheeky cards and cheeky boy

Stuart arrived grinning and with an armful of fresh flowers for me, more fragrant blooms from his garden – delightful pink and red camelias vibrant with spring joyfulness and as I put them in a bowl and found water for them, he was buzzing with excitement. He declined the tea I offered him and looked at me expectantly…..

He’d come to collect his cards now that I’d taken the drawings I’d originally done of him and made them up into the cards he’d asked for. His intention being to take the humour that so appeals to him to make slogans fitting for the intentionally comical  images. He was also delighted to hear that the cards cost less than he expected, so I suspect he’ll be asking for another batch to be made up when he’s distributed these to his friends!

The two images I’ve not shown you yet are here, along with the photo I took of him, proudly standing with the first drawing I did of him which I’ve entitled “Does my bum look big in this”.

The first drawing is done to show the silliness of men in long johns. And the fact that the male “bits” have a habit of popping out of the open fly, this was taken to its full advantage  in this image which I’ve called “Stuart will fall out with anyone”.

The second drawing is of Stuart holding a newspaper aloft, with his other hand resting in his lap and has the title of “Stuart holding his favourite organ” – leaving that ambiguous comment to you….
He told me that his friends were already waiting impatiently to see them, and that one friend had asked to see all four of them so that she could “have a good laff” as she put it!!! His eyes twinkled at the thought of the amusement she would have with them. He said that these pictures are exactly what he wanted – they are between a caricature and a proper depiction of him, but for me its the slogans that pull the whole concept together.
I’ve been delighted to to do them for him, and glad that I was able to bring his ideas to life. And enjoy the fact that his brand of humour can be passed on in this unique  and very personal way.

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  1. Jackie Adshead

    vi – Thankyou, yes I think he will be too, before too long!!! LOL

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