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Caught in the act

The last two drawings I’ve done of my male model have begun to tell a story, so I wanted to explore the natural progression in my next drawing of him.

He arrived on a bright but very cold day, snow was still lying on the ground and everything felt chilled. After our usual cup of  hot sweet tea and lively chat we discussed the pose. I knew I was asking more of him than he might have been happy with, but we discussed it in detail and he agreed that he was happy to pose in the manner I described. Neither of us were embarrased about it. But why should we be – it was a natural pose, for a lot of people……….

There was only one disappointment to start with, and that was that I had to cut out the lovely natural golden sunlight flooding through the window. I know from past experiences that if I had started drawing with the low level winter sun streaming through the window, it was going to fade fast and the light caressing the model would have gone with it. So, curtains firmly drawn, and the artificial light had to be arranged, and then manoevered for best effect.

The pose was set up, and I walked around him looking intently this way and that to decide which angle looked best, then I was ready to start! Bad Company blasting out of the cd player, and we’re off!!!

The drawing went well, we chatted, and the warmth of the fire kept him warm on this cold day. We talked of many things, and there was an ease between us. He’s told me before that he finds it very comfortable to be naked in my company and I take that as a huge compliment, as he’s never posed for anyone else before and says he’s not sure that he would want to. It shows the rapport we have, and I’m greatly touched by it.

I worked hard, and got to the point where the picture was finished, almost, except for the face, and I tried again and again to decide how I wanted to depict the facial expression, and then it dawned on me! It doesn’t need one. You know what he’d doing. You know if you like it, or not. You know if he’s looking at you, and is giving you an invitation, maybe, to join him. I don’t need to draw the face, because you KNOW what is on his face already.

So, here’s the drawing. You look at first and see a man, you admire the way the light shines on  his firm bottom and shapely legs. You see that he is turned away from you and notice his right arm is loose by his side. Then you look further and see his other hand, and see what he is doing, and see the movement of the muscle in his left leg, and the way the foot is slightly raised, as if he is about to turn, and face you. And you know EXACTLY what look is on his face…………….. especially when you find out the drawing  is called “Caught in the act”. But you add the next part yourself, of what happens next, because that is what the picture is all about…….

When I’d finished it, and showed it to the model, he was as delighted with it as I was. I know he feels the same way as I do about doing these drawings, its not about sex, even though that is what he is depicting in this picture – its about the art, and the creation of it. We both stood there, looking at the finished drawing, that had only existed for a few hours. Both mute with understanding of what it stood for. It was “him” but not the view he has of himself. It was an art form, a creation, a sensuous piece of work, that depicted a man in an erotic pose. And I had created it, from a blank piece of paper, of him, as he stood infront of me. I didn’t draw everything I saw, I made conscious decisions about what to put in, what to leave out, what to enhance, and that all went together to make the piece of art.

Later on, he emailed me to thank me for the day….

Jackie, thanks again for another fabulous drawing and a wonderful experience. I am amazed at how natural, comfortable and at ease I am being naked in front of you and always humbled by the dedication in your work, knowing it is me on the canvas. It sparks so many emotions and strangely for what the images are supposed to portray, sex is not one of them! It is an overall feeling of well-being, being human and it always feels ‘right’. Thank you.

I am absolutely delighted with the drawing and thank you so much for the wonderful feelings this one (and the others) create for me. I am still in awe that someone of your ability takes the time to make me feel so welcome and is prepared to use me as a model; after all I am just an ordinary guy. I cannot find words to describe how incredibly humbling I find the experience and yet it somehow inspires something inside to do with personal achievement and knowing more about yourself.It certainly feeds
my spirit too and the ‘high’ posing gives is unlike anything I have ever experienced – whether it is the overcoming of nerves or perhaps doing something we are conditioned to think of as being naughty ….. whatever it is, I thank you.

Jackie, I would be honoured for you to use any of my comments – they are heartfelt and warm with the deepest admiration for your abilities as an artist and as someone I trust explicitly. The care you take to make sure I am ok with the pose, the surity of what you are creating – everything comes together to make me feel safe in your hands (so to speak!!).

Aw, now I’m humbled as well………….

8 thoughts on “Caught in the act”

  1. BlazngScarlet

    So strikingly beautiful!
    Another fabulous drawing Jackie, and his comments?
    Sweetness all the way around!

    The human body is a living, breathing work of art, and you captured his beauty so well!


    To artist and model alike.

  2. I have five cats and a musician for sale. Would you be interested?

  3. Thanks might just do that.. signed by the original artist.. what you reckon my chances are?

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