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If Samuel hadn’t had a daughter called Sophia in 1793 whose sons were blacksmiths

If Mary (born 1796), and a widow at 26, hadn’t gone on to marry James and had a son called Eli

If James and Mary hadn’t had an 8th child, a daughter called Sarah, born in 1798

If Samuel and Elizabeth hadn’t had a son John in 1799

If Stephen hadn’t married Hannah (born 1785) in 1805 and had six children

If William and Ann hadn’t had a son called John in 1806

If John hadn’t married Kitty (born 1814) who worked in a cotton mill from the age of 7, and had a daughter called Ann

If John and Sarah hadn’t had a daughter Rebecca in 1824

If Jemima (born 1801) hadn’t married John in 1825 and had a daughter called Elizabeth

If Joseph (born 1805) hadn’t married Mary, a cotton spinner, (born 1801) and had a son Ralph in 1835

If John hadn’t married Sarah in 1826 and had a daughter called Sarah

If Sarah hadn’t married William in 1847

If Eli hadn’t married Rebecca in 1848 and had 7 children, the 4th a son, John

If Frederick and Elizabeth hadn’t had a daughter called Rosa in 1859

If Rosa hadn’t married John and had a son Alfred who fought in the Boer War

If Sarah Jane hadn’t run a pub and had a daughter called Millicent who was a dressmaker

If Alfred and Millicent hadn’t married and had 13 children
I wouldn’t have been born.

That’s awesome………………………. isn’t it?

I’m only on this planet because of all these people and what they did in their lives. Without any one of them, I wouldn’t exist.

And neither would my art.

I find that somehow very humbling……………………….

4 thoughts on “Beginnings”

  1. With out a lot of people none of us would exist! It's called evolution.

  2. Spiky Zora Jones

    hi honey:

    Oh that was so interesting. It's wonderful thatyouhave all of that information. Do youhave any more history on your family tree. um…like where they lived and do you have pictures of them?

    Gather it all up sweets and put it in a book and in the computer.

    fab post.

  3. Jackie Adshead

    Spiky – It is wonderful isn't it! Yes, I have more background information about the areas where they came from, and a few photos of them so that I can look into their faces and see into their eyes. I'll collect it all up, like you say, and add to it when I find out any more.

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