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Its Erotica time……

I’m always hyped up before an art exhibition. The thrill of knowing that now is the time to show the art that I’ve been working on since the last one. To take the stuff that has meant me working late into the night, and missing weekend fun, to continue working on. The confidence in knowing that the art is the best I can take, that there is something for every price range, that there is a good diverse selection on offer. The joy of looking fowards to seeing my artist friends again. Knowing that I’m going to have some interesting chats with different people I’ve not met yet. Meeting new viewers. Some will look quietly at my work and walk quietly away. Some will look with lots more interest, poke around for ages in the browser and then will walk off (whilst I’ve been holding my breath thinking they are DEFINITELY going to buy SOMETHING!). Some will look with more interest, find something they like, and buy it. And some will RAVE over what I do, will tell me that its fabulous art, that I’m a clever girl, and will be REALLY excited about all of it and place large orders for commissions from me.

 But there will also be conversations that I am not expecting. There will be offers for things that I hadn’t considered before. Some will take me my surprise. And you can never really be ready for those, because you never know what they’re going to be….

Last year I was offered cheap advertising that turned out not to be what it first appeared, and caused me a lot of aggro having to sort it out afterwards. I was offered the chance to hang my fantasy fanny paintings in a selection of international night clubs, and that didn’t take off either. I was told I would be painting a picture for a sheik, and that didn’t happen either (well, not yet, anyway!). But also I had a long and most interesting conversation about erotic art with a lovely man in a dress. And the best bit was when I met the bloggers who had come along. The ones who had their “fantasy fanny” on the wall. The ones who quietly said “I’m ——-” and looked with great interest at the bright and beautiful artwork that was their fanny. They knew. And I knew. That it was theirs. But no one else did. Whether there will be any others who come along this year, I don’t know yet. But if you do…………..come along and say hi…………..

4 thoughts on “Its Erotica time……”

  1. Spiky Zora Jones

    this is a big thing huh? will you have lots of your paintings up?

    as an artist can you point to the things that have pushed you to painting what you paint. What are your muses.

    I've been a nude model, about 6 times total. Twice for an art student (lover) I thought it was the biggest turn on.

    later sweets…I know you will be successful in the exhibition. 🙂

  2. Jackie Adshead

    Spiky – Yes its a big thing, and yes I have lots of my paintings up.

    There are SOOOOO many things that have pushed me to painting I couldn't begin to start telling you!

    Yes, I've heard before of people saying that being a nude model is a big turn on 🙂

    Thankyou so much for your belief in my success!!

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