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Hit the print button

I saw a newish acquaintance last night, and during the course of our conversation asked if she had been able to look at my website since we last met. Yes she had! And was most impressed with it! Hey, thats great to hear! She loved the tigers particularly. I know, a lot of people do…… but she liked the erotic stuff too and mentioned one painting in particular that she liked – the Tree of Life picture, and  I was pleased to hear it as it was one of my favourites too. And funnily enough, I’d been putting prints of it in mounts earlier that afternoon, ready for Erotica, and mentioned to her that I had a print of it if she was interested? Her face lit up, at the idea, and she nodded, so I’ll take it to her next time I see her.

And thats got me thinking about prints……. because there are a number of ways of doing them, and some of them are quite costly. But not all of them. And I’m always happy to do prints of my artwork for anyone who wants them, so just ask me if there’s something you’re interested in and we can discuss it.
I know, though, that to some people, its the original that matters. Its the original that holds the creative spirit of a painting, showing each brushstroke, each mark of the pencil, the soul of the work. Which is why it always has a higher price tag on it……..

2 thoughts on “Hit the print button”

  1. Spiky Zora Jones

    I love how you make lanscape paintings erotic. Do you get many requests to piant erotoc anscapes?
    Another question…has anyone asked you to paint them a non erotic painting?

    as maybe a bowl of fruit on a table with morning sunlight coming through a dusty window? Or maybe a woman walking on a cobble stone street?

    later honey.

  2. Jackie Adshead

    Spiky – I don't get as many requests for erotic landscapes as I'd like! I'd love to paint far more of them.

    …..and yes, I also get requests for non erotic paintings and will happily do them – portraits of people, dogs, cats, horses, houses, landscapes, still life, anything you can think of! But its when I say I'm an Erotic Artist that people listen and want to know more about my art, so that's the title I use even though I do paint other things as well.

    I'll happily paint you a picture of a bowl of fruit on a sunlight morning table, or an old woman walking down a cobble street if you'd want that. Tell me your ideas and I'll paint them for you….

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