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You are a great read! – 10 things I do every day

Nitebyrd, lovely as she always  is, bestowed me with the You Are A Great Read! award. The rules are I have to tell you ten things I do every day and then pass it to ten others. So, here’s 10 things I do every day:

1. Drink copious amounts of tea.
2. Plan my next painting, even when I’m painting my current one. If I don’t, I lose the momentum.
3. Think of ways of becoming rich through my artistic abilities.
4. Make someone I care for, smile.
5. Look at trees and admire their beauty. Whatever the season. Or the weather.
6. Talk, to someone who’s interested to listen. And also listen to someone I like to hear talking.
7. Learn something new.
8. Enjoy the feeling of warm water on my skin.
9. Create.
10. Feed as many of my senses as possible – taste, smell, sight, sound…………………….and touch.

So, I’ll pass this one on to………………….mmm…………………….. :

3.Spiky Zora Jones
4.Having my cake
5.Curvaceous Dee
6. Lucy Felthouse
7. Sweat shop sissy
8. Carnalis
9. Dantes 2nd inferno
10. Kinda like the girl next door

4 thoughts on “You are a great read! – 10 things I do every day”

  1. Jackie Adshead

    Indigo – My pleasure! I always enjoy reading your poignant words.

  2. Spiky Zora Jones

    hi jackie…how are you honey.

    thank you…thank you..thank you.

    I love it that someone things my words make sense…to them as much as they do to me.

    I heart you honey. xxx

  3. Jackie Adshead

    Spiky – Its my pleasure! I love to read your deep and very poignant words….

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