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Queyntes 18 and 19 seeing double

Well following on from my last blog post – it seems I’ve got a great success with the “Hot stuff” painting – and the person it is directly aimed at has fallen in love with it……… for all the right reasons! So I’m a very happy bunny! YAY!!!!

And so on to other things – another Fantasy Fanny to be exact. And I thought I’d try to do the painting just with shades of reds. It seemed a good idea when I started and I was confident that the painting would look good. But then it struck me that it might not be such a good idea after all. For………………, oh, very obvious reasons!!!! So, I looked hard at what I had painted so far and decided that turquoise and yellows would brighten it and enhance the painting considerably, and that’s what I aimed at, and think they do, vastly! I love the colours in this one, and the turquoise adds greatly to the image, to me. But then I’m a big fan of turquoise! So, Queynte 18 it is! Ah, but, there’s more to tell. Because I liked the shapes and the tones, and thought I’d try and do it again, but this time with muted colours on a block canvas to see how that went – and I’m delighted with that effect too! You can see its still the same image, but its more “decorative” in its abstraction – a sort of “abstract” abstract in a way! Which was an interesting concept to explore. So that’s Queynte 19. Instead of naming it “Queynte 18 muted” which it technically is, I thought it should have its own title!

And I had some interesting feedback re the Fantasy Fannies today – telling me that it was a mistake to put the little woman logo within the picture because then it was obvious what the image was. If I left it out it would be more abstract, and considered more appealing too and I might sell more pictures. I disagree. I think she needs to be there to make the point, even if I lose sales because of it. But I’m interested to hear what you think………………..

6 thoughts on “Queyntes 18 and 19 seeing double”

  1. That's a very interesting question. As we're used to seeing the 'woman' symbol, it's a welcome sign. I say leave it in.. that's my vote. I really like the colour 'abstract' abstract painting but I'm not overly sure about the one below it, it doesn't jump out and grab me as much as the colour one.

  2. Jackie Adshead

    Indigo – Ok, thanks for your vote for keeping her – I'm of the opinion that I've put her in them all so far, and I'll continue with any future ones – having said that, if someone wanted one of the images without the woman logo, I could repaint the whole picture accordingly.

    The muted version is more of a "decorative" image, I think, in that it would easily fit into any room with a modern colour scheme, but the colour one "says" more and is more appealing in my opinion, and is more of a statement.

  3. BlazngScarlet

    By all means, keep the 'woman' symbol in there!
    I've come to adore seeing them so cleverly woven into the beauty of each Queyntes.

    I too prefer the more colorful painting.
    But then, thatis more my taste than anything else.

    You really do such beautiful work Jackie.

  4. Jackie Adshead

    Blazng Scarlet – That's a very positive affirmation for keeping the woman logo, thankyou!

    Yes, the brightly coloured one is more lovely isn't it, I like it a lot too.

    And, thankyou, I'm so pleased you like my work.

  5. LOL, as you know, I was quite specific about my own colour scheme and I loved what you did with it. Differing palettes is what helps to make each queynte even more individual. As to the little woman, it just wouldn't be the same without her!

  6. Jackie Adshead

    Joanna – Yes, the differing palettes certainly add that more individual touch to a very individual portrait!

    And, I agree, it wouldn't be the same without the little woman there….an important reminder of a very special image.

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