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Doubling the living flame with lust

At the beginning of this year I painted the “Living Flame” painting for a woman buyer in America. It was a style of painting I’d never done with this effect before and I loved the way it progressed. I’d used the “glazing” effect for landscapes and still life paintings but wasn’t totally hooked on it until I used it to paint people. Far more interesting, I think! LOL

And then I was asked to do another commission for a buyer in England – Fitzy – who loved the effect too, and that was interesting for me to do it as a more masculine painting, darkening the tones and making it stronger and less feminine. And I loved that effect too…

But this then lead on to a collector of my work who lives in America to suggest I paint an erotic couple in this style. It was something I had considered as an excellent idea already so I was more than happy to explore the outcome. He was interested to see how a painting in this style would look. And so was I. I asked him for his ideas on poses and colours and he quietly commented that he wanted to see what I would on my own without much input from him. Ok, that’s fair enough. I understand that he wanted to see what was in MY head rather than me replicate the images in his.

I’ve been thinking of the image since then, and have been considering various poses for the couple. When I first began I had considered they would be lying down and entwined with each other, but as I investigated into the viability of that, I soon realised that it wouldn’t work well as a composition that I was happy with. Ok, then what would……………………… and after a while I decided that a standing up pose would be better, hands exploring, but that almost made it less sensual and more sexual. I don’t mind that, but it wasn’t the effect I wanted. I wanted “erotic” rather than “blatant”. I also wanted it as generic as I could make it, so didn’t want facial features showing. Hhhmmm…… difficult……………..

So, after a lot of images were considered and dismissed, I found one, one that showed the eroticism I was trying to convey, one that hid faces, one that was interesting as an image to look at. And I drew it out, and started painting it I was reasonably happy with it until I was nine tenths through the painting and realised that there were various aspects that I certainly WASN’T happy about. Ok. Sigh. And tear it up………………..and ……………………..sttttarrrrrrt again………………

Second version was a lot better. I was happier with the composition after I’d made a few small changes; I was happier with the rainbow of colours and how they interacted, and I was happier with the end result……….. by a long way! So, here it is, in all its vibrant glory. An erotic couple, in love, their colours mingling, the fire from their lust igniting them, their love enveloping them, she pulls him close as he gently runs his finger up her thigh.

I think my favourite bit is that red curve on his bum……Mmm…. absolutely delicious !!!! 🙂

And the title?

There’s only one that it can be………..

“Hot stuff”!!!!! 🙂

So….. would you consider yourself and your beloved painted as a portrait in this effect? Is it something you’d like me to paint…………… for you?

8 thoughts on “Doubling the living flame with lust”

  1. 'Phew ' hot atuff alright Jackie, yes the red arse area is very nice. She looks in rapture too.

  2. Spiky Zora Jones

    I like tye style. It has wonderful lines and I love how the woman's face appears in shade.

    It brings to mind…South America…Brazil. I don't know why. make me warm and happy. thank sweetie It's lovely.

    Ciao sweets. xxx

  3. Jackie Adshead

    Spiky – Thankyou. Mmm… South America, hot men, hotter women, lots of passion and vibrancy….and I really love the fact it makes you warm and happy!

  4. Lovely work, as always.

    I'd consider it for me but you'd need a lot more paint and a bigger canvas.

  5. Jackie Adshead

    Luka – Thankyou. That's always possible, you know! 🙂

  6. Curvaceous Dee

    Absolutely gorgeous! Your art just keeps getting more and more amazing, Jackie.

    xx Dee

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