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De clogging

I suppose we all get clogged up with life some of the time………………..Sometimes its the things we have control over, sometimes it isn’t. Sometimes its the people in our lives, and sometimes its ourselves. Sometimes we can do something about it then and there, and sometimes we can’t. So we have to work through it the best we can.

And the best thing to help me sort my problems out is talking to the close people I care for, and who in turn care for me. Their wise words are invaluable, their support, advice, listening ears, intelligence, empathy, and strength of verbal communications help me to move on through the difficult times and back to the light.

I don’t like losing my way. Normally I know exactly where I’m going.

And when I’m clogged up, its not clear, and its difficult to be creative. And yet its hugely important for me so.

But yesterday, I cleared something. The “clog”.

My channels are clear again. For the moment, anyway.

A new start. How exciting!
So, when my usual model came to see me last night, to be drawn, I knew I was in a positive frame of mind. She had also decided to declog me – in the throat and nose department at least, with her magical mixture of honey, lemon, grated ginger and boiling water to clear my cold. She also came bearing gifts – flowers and pears from her garden, and the most useful of all medicinal properties – humour. So, we chatted, we listened to music – 80s disco and then put some serious music on – AC/DC, and sat there as the music flowed through us, and I drew her. The pose came to me immediately, I knew exactly how I was going to do it, the lighting was easy to set up, I drew with confidence and the picture worked straight away………… my creative channels were open. And here is the result!

Its called “Open invitation”. And is the lovely white on black that is so effective with the light on the body, but with just a bit of red to add interest. I love the feminine curves within this shape, lots of lovely flowing lines and patches of darkness against the light. It depicts a full breasted woman looking openly at the viewer with the start of a smile on her face, inviting you to join her, as she holds her panties between finger and thumb, just about to drop them, or maybe swing them around, as she teases you, as she interacts with you………….and as you join her……….to see what pleasures await………..

5 thoughts on “De clogging”

  1. Your own private 'nurse maid' then Jackie? Lucky you, whenever I'm ill I suffer alone, sneeze and inflict snot every time I blow my nose,. Your model really is wonderful to not only make you laugh but to help cure your ails. I love this picture, but it looks very uncomfortable, gives me a stiff neck just looking at her. I'd love to come play with her… you got her number? 😉

  2. Jackie Adshead

    Indigo – Yes, lucky me, with my own nurse maid to care for me 🙂

    And yes, she is wonderful….. I'll have a word with her and see if she wants to come out to play with ya………… 🙂

  3. Spiky Zora Jones

    Hi jackie: i love it and yes, she is quite the tease. Red panties are my favorite towear…when I am on the hunt. woo!

    fabulous artwork honey…I like lots.
    later sweets. xxx

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