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And she didn’t even ask me to take my clothes off for her!

It was good to meet my new friend the other day, the guy who wants to pose for me. We got on well and both had loads to say to each other on various varied subjects.

And I like the fact he wants to remain anonymous. And his reasons for it.

All of which I can understand…………………

He’s always been interested in art, and loves to look at it. He met a woman artist earlier this year who suggested he might make a good life drawing model. He’d never considered it before….. but the more he thought about it, the more he liked the idea of it. His wife thought it a good joke, which made him even more keen to do it. And prove her wrong.

He found me via the internet, but not in the place I presumed it would be when he first contacted me. It was via another, more………….. subtle link. But the link worked just the same. And after a chat on the phone, we agreed to meet this week. He’d already sent me a (clothed!) photo of himself, so I had an idea of what he looked like. I knew his name, age, and profession. And that he lived quite nearby.

He arrived. We chatted, over tea. And then some more tea. And more chat. He’d seen all my pictures on my website and liked the erotic and non erotic ones. I showed him some of the ones he’d seen, in the flesh, so to speak! 🙂

He told me why he wanted to pose for me, and I was interested in his reasons. Partly, so that he be part of the artistic endeavour,  partly to show his wife what he’s done, but mostly because he’d got this desire to do something about the urge within him to do it.

And I’d like to help him. I know he was nervous. I know others have been nervous when they’ve come to me to be drawn, and I explained that I am professional enough, and experienced enough, to help him overcome his nervousness and hopefully we’ll both enjoy the experience and I’ll produce some good drawings of him. He may decide to become a model for life group, but before that great day arrives, he wants to model just for me, whilst he overcomes his nervousness, and learns the ropes. So to speak (that’s probably not the right phrase for a model for an erotic artist………. but you know what I mean!!!!).

And the thing he found most difficult during our initial meeting? The one thing he’d expected, and I didn’t ask for………………………………….?

For him to take his clothes off.
For him to pose for me that day.
For him to overcome his nervousness.

I didn’t ask him, because my time was tight, and I knew it was going to take time to set up a pose.  I wanted him to think about it, to think about my words and to be happy about the experience. But, also I wanted to be prepared, so that when he poses, I’ll give him the best possible experience of it for his first time. I didn’t want him to feel cold, uncomfortable, awkward, or find it unpleasant. And put him off it forever.

So, hopefully, we can do it soon. But not yet. I’ve got to get the stuff for Erotica done first. there’s still loads to sort out……..

But I could see his basic body shape, through his clothes. But………………… I still haven’t seen the Prince Albert yet.

Maybe……… time………………………….. 🙂

2 thoughts on “And she didn’t even ask me to take my clothes off for her!”

  1. Spiky Zora Jones

    ha…i love the reference…Prince Albert. hehehehe

    i'm ionterested to see it after you've painted it.

    you rock honey, xxx

  2. Jackie Adshead

    Spiky – yes, I think it would make a very interesting painting too, and that's BEFORE I've seen it! 🙂

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