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Abstracting the abstract

With Erotica coming up in a few weeks time, I wanted to do a painting to exhibit there, depiciting a tarse and a queyte in a sort of “abstract of an abstract” using only a very limited palette which would make a more decorative generic image rather than a specific one. So after I’d found the image of a fanny and a cock that I was happy with (and that’s actually more difficult than you would imagine! Its not easy looking for either, I can tell you!!!!! LOL ). Anyway, after I’d eventually found the images I was happy with, I had to put them together in a design that was pleasing to the eye, but by using only the basic of shapes and tones to get the image across to the viewer. And added to that was whether to put the fanny to the left or the right of the cock. To start with, I thought it would  be better if the fanny was on the left of it, but they looked like they weren’t very interested in each other (so to speak!) so the fanny went to the right, but then the image looked a bit more ………..erotic than I had planned, but it has to be this way to make them look like they are a pair – a “his and hers” of a painting. Then, once I’d drawn out the design I liked, I transferred it to a box canvas – its quite a large size – 40 x 20 inches plus the sides of the canva itself as I like it when the image goes around the corners of the canvas, it makes it more 3-D I think. I knew I wanted to do the  acrylic painting in creams and golds, although I had to have a slightly darker gold to make the depth of the image, and I’ve used white (well, actually very very very pale cream to look like white, otherwise the white looks dirty against the warmer creams). And the finished result? Well its here for you to view and I love it for its clean crisp lines, simplicity of shape and delicate colours. And I’d love to do it as a “hers and hers” or “his and his” painting too – and of course any colours can be used for it, to match exisiting decor. So… first “Tarse and Queynte” painting. But one of many, to come, I’m sure (so to speak!!!!).
Last night I was asked by a woman I know as a new aquaintance what my job was. When I told her I’m an Erotic Artist she was genuinely fascinated. And couldn’t wait to look at my website when I started to tell her about the erotic landscape I’m working on at the moment. And I really enjoyed telling her about it……. I think most people are interested when I tell them……………… I just wish I had more buyers. I know I’m good at what I do, I have talent, and skill, people are interested in my art, I just need to sell more. But……. that’s always something that I’m looking into. I’ve contacted the local airport today as they’re asking for artists to exhibit at the terminal. Not with a view to selling, just to promote my art. Sounds very promising too!
And tomorrow should be interesting…. I have a visitor coming to see me. Someone I’ve never met before. A man. Who wants to pose for me. And he tells me he has a prince albert……………Mmm…….. its not often that you mention that in your job description, is it!!!! LOL

2 thoughts on “Abstracting the abstract”

  1. Spiky Zora Jones

    I'd love to just sit and watch you paint…just to see what you go through to create your art.


  2. Jackie Adshead

    Spiky – Mmm….. that's got me thinking – about putting videos of me creating a painting, on my website…

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