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Sometimes you have to look beyond the obvious. Sometimes you have to do some lateral thinking. I’ve been doing quite alot of that recently. Not that its brought me many answers yet, but I think it will, in time.

How can I make more money through my art.

What are the options? To paint more pictures and sell them, is the obvious one. To raise my profile would help a lot. To find a gallery who will fall in love with the existing art I have. The more I look at galleries the less I think that’s likely to happen as my art is too much for some and not enough for others. MMm….. to start teaching art…. maybe……… To do more writing about my art is a possibility. To find more buyers/collectors is the best option, but its finding them. To promote myself more would help. To do more exhibitions/shows is a good idea presuming I can find the right ones.

But then, I wonder if I’m on the right track at all.

During a conversation last night I found out that locally you can get a sensual massage with “extras” for about three times the amount I consider to be my working hourly rate.

MMMmmmmm… maybe I should change professions 🙂

Or better still, maybe I should offer for the same price the opportunity to be drawn whilst you’re receiving your ….er……….massage…………… MMM……. maybe that would help!!! LOL

9 thoughts on “Searching”

  1. Yes ! That's the answer… I give pretty good massages, maybe we can strike up a deal, you draw them while I give them a massage, that way they'll be relaxed making it easier for you to make good for the finished product, but I don't do 'BJ's'… unless it's a female!! Something for you to sleep on…. I know what I will be dreaming of TONIGHT!!! Lol.

  2. It seems that today in order to make a living in the art world today you would need to starting pickling things, or come up with some other equally rubbish piece of work.

    Alternatively get yourself on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square, with an advert!

    I know I mentioned it before, but would you consider running your own art classes, as perhaps that might be preferable to working as an art teacher for someone else, as at least you would have far more control over things? That way you could run your own life drawing workshops, or any type of workshop that you thought would interest people.

    As for changing professions, that would never do! But it certainly is very sad that someone with no skills (although others might disagree with that statement! lol) can earn so much more giving a massage with “extras”!

    Not that there is anything wrong with it, but could you try doing more with your website, even if it was nothing more than a bit of revamp just to give it a bit of a different look and feel. Perhaps you could have photos of some of your pieces of work in the various stages as you are working on them with an explanation of what you are doing? I am not sure how practical this would be, but you can even have a video of you work on one, although that would cause another problem with something you previously mentioned about whether you should be on your site or not. Perhaps a bit with customers comments.

    Could you talk to your IT person about getting yourself higher up the list on Google when people search for erotic art, or life drawing, nude art whatever else they might search for?

    You could go back to Erotica as I am sure that must be helpful and it certainly give you access to a great deal of people. Would you be able to put on a demonstration on your stand by having a nude or near nude model? As that would be bound to gain you even more attention!

    You once mentioned buying a printer to sell prints, would this be worth considering again?

    In photography there is a fair number of sites for “Boudoir” photographers aimed at woman to go for a photo session either for themselves, or perhaps as a special gift/wedding gift to their husband etc, could you have a little bit on your website about something similar for drawings and paintings. Perhaps sell it as being more upmarket than photos, you can even joke about there being no need for photo editing with a pencil or paintbrush! It might just appeal to those woman that like the idea of photos but just don’t feel brave enough to pose for the camera.

    As a final idea perhaps the Lottery might be an idea!

    Well nothing earth shattering I know, but those are just a few thoughts.

  3. Jackie Adshead

    Fitzy – Yes, something shocking or better advertising seems to be the answer!

    I am actually wondering about the possibility of running art workshops – probably with a tasteful erotic slant to them as I think there would be more interest there.

    No, I don't want to change professions as my full dedication and skills are as an artist.

    I do every so often revamp my website, and have just added the demonstration piece of the "Joyeuse S and M" to it so that people can see more of how I produce my art. The video might be a good idea, and as for the customers comments, I tend to think of my blog as that but maybe I ought to put more obvious ones on my website for people to read.

    I will also look into raising my listing on Google, thanks.

    And I am planning on returning to Erotica this year as I think that is the ideal place to go to sell my erotic art to like minded people.

    The printer for prints idea is great if you have a good following, but probably not otherwise.

    I love the idea of "boudoir" drawings or paintings for women, and will look more into that one, thankyou!

    And the lottery is a nice idea but until that momentous day I have to continue working hard!

    Many thanks for your suggestions, they are all most helpful!

  4. Well I am pleased there were a few ideas there to make you think.

    Your blog certainly is great to let people know what is going on and to allow people to read what others think of your work, but on occasion people may need to look back over a few pages, so will everyone that visits your blog do that? So perhaps Stuart’s letter should go on your site for example.

    I thought the “boudoir” thing might be an interesting idea, as it would allow you to give the advantages over photos as a painting/drawing would look far more classic than a photo, plus far more discrete hanging on the wall. The other advantage is that it doesn’t really require you to do anything other than add a little something to your site.

  5. Jackie Adshead

    Fitzy – Mmm.. ok, they're both good ideas for my website, thankyou! Much appreciated!

  6. Jackie, it never fails to amaze me that someone who calls themself an artist can slap some paint on a canvas then mash a tin can on it and become rich because some idiot thinks the piece is "deep" or some such nonesense. And artists, like yourself, who actually create beautiful ART, struggle to find an audience. Why? It pisses me off.

    I would just tell you to keep getting your work seen. There HAS to be gallery owners, collectors, etc. that have good taste.

  7. Oh! Listen here's an idea – submit somethings to

    they do t-shirts that are pretty damn cool. It might be a way to get notice and you'll have some mobile advertising!

    I'm not sure how the submission process works but take a look. It might be fun to see someone in a Fantasy Fanny t-shirt. LOL

  8. Jackie Adshead

    Nitebyrd – Yeh, I can never work that one out either!!! I will, as you say, continue to search though!

    And thanks re the idea for a fantasy fanny tee shirt – that'd be fun!!!! 🙂

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