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More fannies to come

The art demonstration on my website has been updated now and shows the different stages of the watercolour landscape painting “Joyeuse S and M” that I’ve been telling you about, from start to finish. Stage one, pick up pencil, stage two start drawing…. No, actually, its not that bad!!! LOL I think its quite interesting, seeing the original photo, seeing how the image starts and progresses bit by bit to the finished painting………………have a look at it and tell me if you agree………….

And whilst I’m having a sort out of things to do (an endless list that seems to grow longer each day even when I’m knocking a few things off the list daily!) I’ve found something that I’ve over looked. I know WHY I’ve overlooked it – because when I have a commission to do, that takes priority over the other “general” art – the stuff that I want to paint and I think will look good as a painting for an exhibition at some point. So now I’ve had chance to catch up on those sort of paintings, and I’ve realised what I’ve not done. I’ve not painted all the “fantasy fannies” yet. I still have some photos I’ve not produced paintings from…………………….some from across the oceans in a land far far away………………….

So… guess what I’ll be doing as my next paintings………………….more fannies! Followed, probably, by some fantasy willies, followed probably by an erotic couple in the living flame style……….well, that’s the plan! And plans have a habit of being interrupted…………………………! 🙂

2 thoughts on “More fannies to come”

  1. The art demonstration on your website looks really good, and it is certainly interesting to see and read about the processes you go through to create the finished item, and I am sure it will prove interesting to others as well.

    If the painting has now been collected, I hope they are both thrilled with it!

    It is interesting to see the two "Living Flame" paintings on there together and it shows that it would certainly look great for a couple to have one each. Good to see a "Tarse" gallery as well and I am sure that one lone painting will soon be joined by others.

    It certainly seems as though you have lots of commissions going on, so that must be nice to know that you have lots to keep you busy with.

  2. Jackie Adshead

    Fitzy – That's good to hear that the art demonstration is such a success.

    I haven't heard directly that they are both thrilled with the painting, but I sincerely hope so…..

    Yes, I thought it was interesting to see the two "living flame" paintings together, as the feminine and masculine versions, and I really think a couple together woudld look fabulous!

    Yes, you've started off the Tarse gallery, and I hope to soon have some more rather than the current one lone one!

    And yes, I'm certainly busy at the moment!

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