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Guild Auction day

I’ve been quiet whilst I’m sorting out things in the background, but now I’m back, and ready to tell you about the Guild of Erotic Artists event day on Sunday………….

Like the last auction there was a lot of diverse artwork on show and the event flowed nicely over the afternoon with plenty of bargains for anyone interested in them. The Guild Secretary was the ever eager auctioneer, ably assisted by the other two founder members who kept passing him the artwork for sale as the afternoon wore on……….

I’d taken a new visitor with me who found the whole set-up at Beaumont Hall quite fascinating, and after we’d had deliciously tasty bacon butties and a mug of sweetened tea on arrival, it was time to chat with friends and I was delighted when Julie and her fella Russ came over to say hello. After that I found Chris to discuss pertinent points about art and finances and as ever he was most helpful, supportive and full of good business advice. The artist Richard was there too with his gently amusing observations on the days proceedings, and although he wasn’t doing any actual body painting today he had photos to show me of his latest session that looked so lifelike as clothing the model went home totally naked but appeared to be discreetly dressed!

I was able to have a brief chat with Ken at the beginning of the proceedings, and we discussed how easy it is for people to come to Beaumont Hall Studios, especially lone women. The first time I went, I was on my own, and found it a little difficult to do, but everyone is friendly and pleasant that it’s easy enough to make new friends if you so wish.

It was good to see Bob and Sandra again, he has been designated “Meeter and Greeter” and I always enjoy his easy personality and banter.

The day brought the chance for new people to buy more art, and some more funds for the Guild but attendance figures were down on those expected.

At the end of the auction, Ken came over to tell me that a couple in the audience were very interested in my “fantasy fanny” painting hanging on the wall and took me over to introduce me to them. It was actually the woman who was most interested, she’d seen it hanging on the wall and had loved the bright and vibrant colours of it. We went over to it as I explained about it being the ideal piece of art – a portrait but not of your face, the ultimate conversation piece and private joke that no one would guess at unless you told them. She loved that idea and smiled delightfully at the thought. We discussed the ideas she had for having her own painting done, or maybe a joint “his and hers” along with her fella, either way I shall be happy to do a painting for her. I love it when people approach me to ask me for a commission and always enjoy discussing the details of it.

As ever it was a good networking day, everyone good natured and friendly, and my visit was made even more special by the fact that Silvee insisted I took home two large bouquets of flowers that she had taken for table decorations. How lovely!

8 thoughts on “Guild Auction day”

  1. So all in all not a bad day Jackie… flowers too, how lovely. Glad you had a nice time.

  2. Hello Jackie,

    It seems as though you had a good time on Sunday, even if the attendance wasn’t that high, although I guess that is to be expected now it is holiday time.

    Did you have any work in the auction this year?

    That certainly must have been extremely exhilarating for the body painters model to go home wearing nothing but paint! I would also think it was a very erotic experience as well to be thinking will anyone notice my nakedness. Clearly he was using a female model! lol I am sure that would be an experience to remember!

    Well done for mentioning how people feel when attending Beaumont Hall Studios for the first time, as you know what happened to me and how I didn’t make it any further than the car park! lol

    Great to see that your “Fantasy Fanny” paintings are attracting attention (as they rightly should), and I am sure you must be really thrilled by the fact that it does seem to be the women themselves that are most interested in them and keen to commission their own, whereas the assumption might be that it would be husbands and boyfriends telling their partners to have one done. Perhaps it is because women are subtle enough to appreciate the joke which is wasted on most men.

    I hope her fella didn’t turn green at the thought of featuring in a painting, but sadly I suspect that many do? As they no doubt take the view that it is ok for a woman to do it but not for a man. Well I can tell them they really are missing out and it would be my pleasure to be able to sit for you again and I am sure that I will again do so before too long.

    I hope the flowers look lovely.


  3. Jackie Adshead

    Fitzy – Yes, I had some prints in the auction but they didn't sell on this occasion.

    It certainly sounded exhilarating and erotic for the model, the way the story was told!

    Yes I am thrilled by the fact that its the women who are most interested in my fantasy fannies – but then that's what I did them for – art for women by a woman. And they all certainly understand the delicious subtlety of the joke. Having said that, men are certainly interested in my fantasy willies too!!!! LOL

    Thankyou for saying that about sitting for me – I try to make it a pleasureable experience for my sitters and I look forward very much to drawing or painting you again.

    And yes the flowers are still lovely, thanks!

  4. Sorry to hear you didn’t have any luck with the auction, that is a pity.

    Being able to go out in public naked, whilst seeming clothed must indeed be an exhilarating experience and she was very lucky.

    Well it is great to hear that us men are also getting in on the fantasy something idea and of course the more interest there is the better it is for you.

    Although it is a little bit shocking to hear there are some men out there that actually understand the subtlety of it all! lol

  5. Spiky Zora Jones

    That was so nicely described. I felt as if I was seeing the whole thing through your eyes.

    And you received flowers too. fbaulous.

    i love days like that…good conversation with wonderful people.

    ciao honey. xxx

  6. Jackie Adshead

    Fitzy – Yes, the more interest the better! 🙂

    Oh, some men understand subtlety beautifully!!! LOL

  7. Jackie Adshead

    Spiky – Thankyou, I'm pleased to hear you could see it through my eyes. And yes, its one of lifes pleasures to have good conversations with wonderful people…….

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