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Playing with abstraction

These abstracts are paintings I did at the end of last year but I thought you’d like to see them, since I’m in the process of putting them on my website. They are all an exploration onto shape and colour and all have something interesting going on within the painting I think.

The first one is called “Distraught” and is a study in the primary colours – blue, red and yellow as they show a prone woman, her head buried in her arms, as she hides her face and her body merges into the shadows around her which then become part of the pure whiteness surrounding her. There is hope for her though, as the colour in her skin depicts life and vibrancy in yellow and orange, and the underlying red of passion.

The second one is called “Camouflage” and is an interesting interplay of elongated shapes as the long female form merges into the background. Although the tones are all of the same mid-tone, the female form is still distinct against the background, and the rounded lines add to her shape rather than detracting from it. Strong colour makes this a visual feast.

The third one is called “Black jacket” and is an abstract showing a woman naked except for a black jacket, the bright colours of her body making a jig-saw of colour and tone, creating interest for the eye as it picks out the body shape against the background shapes.

The fourth one is called “Interplay” and is an abstract of a naked woman sitting upright, the tones depicted by bright colour and strongly defined shape. The white spots of paint showing the line of light along the body.

8 thoughts on “Playing with abstraction”

  1. Camouflage… I just fell in love with this one Jackie. The rest are nice but this one really took my eye. It’s full of heat and passion, maybe she’s just made love and she’s exhausted? Or is she playing hide n seek? Think the first is more likely!..You’re so clever girl..:-)

  2. Jackie Adshead

    Indigo – Thankyou! Glad you like it! MMm… I like the idea of her making passionate love and being exhausted afterwards…

  3. Spiky Zora Jones

    jackie: I agree with indigo. I love camouflage but I love black jacket too, it’s awesome. Both stole my heart. How beautiful and awesome…though all four are fabulous and each stand well on their own. fabulous art…fabulous.

    Thanks for sharing jackie. You rock honey.
    Ciao babe.

  4. Four great paintings Jackie, but for me I like “Distraught and “Camouflage” best, as whilst the subjects merge into the background in all of them, I like the way it works in the first two best.

    Although they are of course all amazing.

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