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Snakes an all

It was another lovely sunny Event day for the Guild of Erotic Artists, so when I arrived a few people were already sitting outside enjoying the warmth of the sunshine.

As I walked in the Guild Secretary was busy taking membership fees for the new year, so after sorting mine out, I decided to place my order for a bacon butty and a cup of tea before the rush. The bacon butty arrived very quickly and I had a chat with a guy who always greets me warmly and asked how I’d got on at Erotica, since that was when I last saw him.

Chris whose seminar I’d been on last September was enjoying his lunch too so I sat with him as we ate and I told him about the latest artwork I’ve done, selling paintings to Canada and USA recently. He was interested to hear about the paintings, and we talked about selling art and the all important artist/customer relationship. Another artist joined us – I always enjoy his quiet unassuming but dryly amusing sense of humour.

Not as many people were there as last time, but that might have been partly due to one of the founder members having an open house over the weekend to sell his body casts, so maybe a lot of clients were there instead!

I spied a photographer I know and went over to have a chat with him; he was carrying his latest set of beautiful photographs, and I was delighted to be offered a look at them. I liked them all, especially the black and white ones that are similar in style to the “white on black” drawings that I do too. He and I had a long chat about contacting galleries regarding selling art and the subject of creativity. We decided that its possibly better having a day job as well as being creative as a photographer or artist, because then you have the luxury of having money in your life for the things you want and also the joy of being creative without being desperate to sell art to makes ends meet. There’s no doubt it’s a big decision a lot of artists have to make!!

Because the person who was due to do the demo had dropped out there was a quieter atmosphere at the Event day, and instead a striking blonde model dressed prettily in a 1940s style pink and turquoise floral summer dress sat in a chair whilst a few people sat around drawing her. Prior to this, a pretty Asian model had sat for a photo shoot in the same place.

In the corner the artist with the lovely sense of humour was starting to paint a models boobs with a beautiful large blue butterfly – I understand she was talked into modelling for the day for the price of a cup of tea, which sounds like a good swap to me!

I went outside for a bit to enjoy the sunshine too and had a brief chat with the Guild secretary about his plans for the Guild gallery now that it will be open six days a week. This reminded him that he hadn’t yet done his speech to the group, and he decided to go inside and do it then, spending time with the microphone making sure it was working, as he walked towards the stage his brother took the microphone off him and started to croon whilst the assembled crowd listened good naturedly. The Guild secretary was *eventually* given the microphone back and he was able to do his speech. As always it was upbeat and positive, thanking various people for their help and assistance in various things, and helping to pull us all together as a group.

I then started chatting to a man and woman who I’d seen before but didn’t know, and another guy overhead our conversation and joined us. After a while, I thought I ought to ask names, the American chap shook my hand and said he was called “Bob”, I turned to the English guy and he smiled and said “Bob” – so I turned to the woman with him and said “You’re not called Bob as well are you?” much to her amusement. No, she wasn’t, she was Sandra. We had a long chat about buying art, about posing as a life model, about people in your life who don’t know that you have erotic art hanging on your walls at home, and amongst other things, posing naked with poisonous snakes and the problems THAT can cause! The American Bob had come over from San Francisco to see the Guild, as well as a chap from South Carolina, although I didn’t know about him until he had left. The American Bob was just leaving when he was told that there wasn’t anyone to do a full demo and said that he’d have been more than happy to pose naked for the group if he had known! Maybe the next time he’s in England.

My photographer friend was there for about the same time as I was, but neither of us found time to chat with each other as we were busy talking to various others. When she was going, she came for a hug with me and said “I’m BOOKING a chat with you for NEXT time!” “Ok!” I laughed, and will look forward to it!

Just before I left, I had a quick chat with a couple of the guys who were busy discussing the next Guild DVD, which I will be featured in along with the others, as I was filmed on my stand with my Fantasy Fannies at Erotica last November. I look forward to seeing the finished item when it’s been edited.

Time to go, last hugs and kisses and I came away looking at a gorgeous bright red sky filling the horizon. I thought that it bode well, as I drove off into the sunset!!!

7 thoughts on “Snakes an all”

  1. Sounds like you had a ball on Sunday Jackie… well done in all that you acheive as an artist….Mmmmmm a red sunset…!

  2. Jackie Adshead

    Indigo – Yes, I did. And thanks!

    Yes, I like to see a nice red blazing sunset too!

  3. Pleased to hear that you had a great time and it certainly was lovely to see the sun again, well I think that is what you call it, but I could be wrong?

    As for a lack of numbers, the rugby might also have stopped a few people from going this time as well.

    I sure hope that model got a lovely cup of tea for having her boobs painted! Is there much call for painting anything on a pair of man boobs! lol

    Sorry I couldn’t make it, but as I have explained you can put that down to the fact I am stupid!

  4. Jackie Adshead

    Fitzy – Yes, I’d forgotten about the rugby, and a good result for England too!! 🙂

    I’ve never seen a man being painted there – perhaps you could volunteer yourself next time?

    Well, hopefully there will be other times you are able to visit, even if you missed this one.

  5. It certainly was a good result for England, although being half Irish I had other concerns.

    Given the trouble I had on Sunday, actually modelling at an Event day seems a long way off, but as it happens it is perhaps one of those things I would like to at least have the courage to try. Although I doubt there is much call for male nudes, as I am sure that most people would sooner work with a female nude. Perhaps I should start a campaign about sex discrimination! lol

    I also hope there will be other times too.

  6. Jackie Adshead

    Fitzy – I think it’s more down to the fact that there are far more female models than male…. but yes, perhaps people do prefer to look at naked women…..

  7. Jackie~ I have to agree with that one… I much prefer to look at naked women..!

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