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Fantasy Willies

Well I thought the time would arrive at some point. There was no doubt there. It makes sense, doesn’t it? If you’re doing a project called “Fantasy Fannies” it makes sense to do the “Fantasy Willies” too! A whole new ball game, so to speak…………! And Fitzy has decided he wants to be the first member (anther pun?) of this project. I’m delighted! But this has got me thinking………. about the comparisons between the fantasy fannies and the fantasy willies. The shapes of fannies are abstract to start with – when I look at the photos I’m working from, I can see abstract shapes, so I’m beginning with an abstract before I even start to draw. But, a willie has a more recognisable shape to start with, and the point of these paintings is that the image is half recognisable, half hidden. That’s the point of the “joke” hidden within the painting. So, I have to now think how I’m going to hide the willie image within the painting. Its possible. Of course its possible. But to what degree do I want to do it? I’ll have to sit down and work it out on paper. It’ll be fun to play with shapes and the composition to do that.


I have another problem.

A ……… more recognisable problem.

To consider………

Do I do them in an erect state or a more comatose state?

What do you think?

To be or not to be……………………….THAT is the question!!!! LOL

15 thoughts on “Fantasy Willies”

  1. Well Jackie~ If you paint them erect then isn’t that classed as ‘porn?’ Personally I don’t like them in any state… well apart from covered up! Yeah you got a problem there, but am sure you ever growing fan club will help you. Good luck ;-0

  2. Jackie Adshead

    Indigo – Yes, you’re quite right, it is, BUT when they’re done as abstract paintings they are more acceptable as erotic rather than porn. I have’t fully decided in what state I’m going to paint them, as I’m still thinking about it.

    And thanks for the good luck message.

  3. Spiky Zora Jones

    Hi sweetie.


    yep I’m sick…but what the hell…I have to come in to work because I the word needs saving. hehehe.

    On cocks…I like to call them that. hehehe I like them erect and hard. Woo…they eventually go like a noodle but that’s after the fun is out of them. hehehe.

    hey I know whatayou mean…like in the Disney movie…the little mermaid…it came out vhs cover with one…if you look at cover and sure enough it was a (willie)and Disney did a re-call, but who is going to return it. hehehe I’m sure you will do a fab job…it just takes imagination and you baby….have it along with the talent.

    I have togo….take care sweetie.

    I can’t wait to see what you come up with. Shall I send you a photo of my ex fiance’s willie…um, it may take two paintings. hehehe. Woo.
    Ciao honey.

  4. Whimsical Willies…hmmmm… The problem is that they are, in my opinion, aesthetically challenged in either state. Erect is more pleasing to my eye, to avoid that “last chicken in the shop” look.

  5. Lucy Felthouse

    It depends on how much sex appeal you want them to have. For me they’d have to be ‘awake’ – slumbering willies do nothing for me whatsoever. And I have no doubt you’ll be able to paint them, whatever state, in such a way that they’re not obvious… perhaps hide them like you did the lovemaking couples in your other paintings?

  6. I think they might be more interesting in their “relaxed” state. IMO they have a little bit more personality that way. 😉

  7. Jackie Adshead

    Spiky – Aw, sorry you’re not feeling well, hope you’re better soon, hon!

    Thanks, I hope I do do a fab job with them, in whatever state they’re in! 🙂

    Yes, certainly, send me a photo of your fella’s willie – I can buy an extra large canvas!!! LOL

  8. Jackie Adshead

    Luka – Yes, with you mentioning “Whimsical Willies” you’ve reminded me that I’m not totally happy with the “Fantasy Willies” title – I think I might have to have a hunt around for a better title, if there is one!

    I also think you’re right about getting them to look pleasing to the eye – in whatever state they’re going to be in……

  9. Jackie Adshead

    Lucy – Yep, sex appeal is part of the question – like should they have any? I mean this as a serious point – because they are to be viewed as a piece of art, not a piece of porn. Sex appeal is good but not too sexy that the artwork is ignored for the sake of viewing a big hard on!

    So, yes, its finding a way that is not too obvious, and yet appealing in a not too much sex appeal sort of way!!!! LOL

  10. Jackie Adshead

    Nitebyrd – More personality eh? LOL With lots of potential to get to know them better!? 🙂

  11. Well Jackie, it seems that I can no longer put off making a comment on a blog entry inspired by one of my commissions, so here goes!

    In many ways I am with Indigo, as a willie, fantasy or not is hardly the most pleasing a subject matter, so perhaps covered up is best, so how about fantasy loincloth? Seriously though, given that I am not blessed with a fanny of my own it only leaves me able to commission a fantasy willie painting, as a fantasy bottom painting is possibly even less appealing! lol

    Perhaps rather naively I had never even considered whether my painting would depict me in an erect or flaccid state, as I had simply assumed it would be flaccid and I wouldn’t have wished to have the painting done in another way. I am certainly with Indigo in that an erection then makes the painting porn and I would hate that, as any erotic beauty form the work would then be lost, well it would in my eyes at least.

    I am sure that others would disagree with that and perhaps they have a point, but for me that is not the image I am after, and on a purely personally level, I would feel ashamed and disgusted with myself having to pose for Jackie sporting an erection, as to my mind that would cheapen us both and demean Jackie’s artistic talents.

    Well now, this reply certainly isn’t going to plan, as I thought I would be witty and humorous, I can do both of those! Honest! But it seems to have gone all deep and meaningful and at this rate I’ll be in tears!

    Given the fantasy fanny theme was to if you like hide something in plain sight, I also feel it would be much harder to hide an erection in the painting (not that I am knocking your talents Jackie) as due to the straight lines and the general shape making it more readily identifiable, whereas flaccid it can take on other shapes or simply disappear with embarrassment! In which case, I might get a fantasy fanny painting after all!!! I never in my life dreamed I would be talking about a painting of my penis! lol

    As for a name, Luka’s whimsical willies is a cracking idea, but how about phantasy phallus? Although possibly phallus has a little too many pornographic connotations?

    Oh, by the way Jackie, this has taken over an hour! See, I told you I would struggle with this!

  12. Jackie Adshead

    Fitzy – Well whether you struggled with it or not, you’ve got the point over beautifully!!

    As for the title, I’m still thinking of it – and whereas I like very much, the title “Fantasy Phallus” that, also gives the impression of erect rather than flaccid, so I’m still thinking of a suitable title!

  13. Hi Jackie
    I would be delighted to work with you on this project as you have already painted mine on a number of occasions. Erect or flacid? The choice is yours!
    I’m not convinced that erect is pornographic. Surely it depends on what it’s doing at the time! An erection is a perfectly normal human state (the preferred state judging by the comments) and deserves to be captured by an artist. You will decide how explicit to make the image, and how to apply the “fantasy” aspect.

  14. Jackie Adshead

    Hornymaleuk – I am not at all surprised to hear that you’re keen to participate on this project! 🙂

    As for erect or flaccid, the discussions are still going on as to whether erect is porographic or not. And I shall be interrested to hear your full views on this matter. Either way I can make a fantasy painting out of the image – and thanks for the suggestion of a title for the project, I’m still thinking about it!

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