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Erotic Art Auction

Right – now on to the Art Auction I promised you the other day. We’ll start with three erotic drawings. All of them are white conte pencil on plain black card. They all pick up the light on the models skin whilst leaving the rest of the image in darkness. They are all unmounted and unframed. I think that they would look equally appealing in a pale or silver frame, without a mount, or, if you prefer, a pale cream mount with a black frame would look stylish, or any other frame that fits in with your colour scheme would enhance them.

The first one is called “Remembering the day” and is 15 x 11 inches. I think its quite poignant, the woman is sitting upright in her underwear, just about to remove her stockings and suspenders, and she turns her head as she gazes off into the middle distance as she remembers the day – was it with her lover? That’s for you to decide……..

The second drawing is 14 x 10 inches and is called “And then” and shows a woman in a state of arousal – the erect nipples illustrate that. Her left hand reaches around to the front of her body – is it about to go higher….. or lower? And the other hand is behind her back – does it hold something that the viewer can’t yet see? What could it be? The viewer can’t quite read the expression on her face, is she being coy? Its for you to decide what happens next, but it looks like it might be fun…..
The third drawing is called “Dressing” and is 16 x 11 inches. The woman in it is busy putting on her stockings, she rolls them up her leg, her face hidden by her long hair. Her breast not yet covered by her clothing. Who is she dressing for? Herself? or her lover?
So, now, if you are interesting in making a bid for any (or all) of the drawings, email me at stating which image and your bid. I will accept bids in English pounds (which is probably good for everyone else in the world at the moment, the way the pound is!). The deadline is midnight on Wednesday 28th January- so you’ve got a week to think about it and make your bid. Whoever is the highest bidder for any of the images, will receive it by post. I will pay the postage. There is a (reasonable) reserve on all the drawings, and if that reserve is not reached, then there will not be a sale. Once a bid has been accepted, I will require payment for it – by Paypal preferably, or a cheque. Once the payment has cleared, I will send the artwork to you.
Any questions, please ask.
Right, its up to you now….. who will start the bidding?

2 thoughts on “Erotic Art Auction”

  1. I hope you have had a lot of bids my dear! They are all lovely!

    Sorry I haven’t been around, my life is a tad hectic at the moment.


  2. Jackie Adshead

    Trixie – Thankyou, I hope there’s a lot of interest too!

    That’s ok, I understand – my life is hectic at the moment too – I’ll come and see you sooooon!

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