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Taking the abstraction a little further

Since I started doing the abstracts of the fannies, I’ve wondered if I could use abstracts for general erotic art, and have been following those ideas through with the three paintings I have here. One of the reasons I decided to do them, was to take the paintings with me to Erotica to see what sort of general response they get. I know the visitors to Erotica are used to seeing erotic art there, and some people may go with a view to buying a new painting for their wall, so I stand a reasonable chance of selling some, I hope.
The first one is called “Out and proud” and is a blue green and orange torso. I enjoyed painting the various shapes within the shadows and form of the body. The title relates to the state of her nipples!
The second is called “Black as night” and is a bit surreal with the lines on the body but it seems to work somehow – someone said that it looked like the bones in the body, which is an interesting concept!
The third one is lots of interplay between the shapes of the blues, reds, yellows and is called “Wishful thinking” and has a joke within the image, if you can see it??? 🙂

15 thoughts on “Taking the abstraction a little further”

  1. The 3rd one…is that a shadow of a cock on her leg, the wishful thinking bit?

  2. Jackie Adshead

    Trixie – Exactly! Yeh, that’s the joke!!!! It obviously works as a visual joke , if you got it straight away!!! I’m delighted it works!!! LOL

  3. I love them, Jackie. The first is my favorite though. The colors are amazing.

    I didn’t see the cock shadow but went back after Trixie pointed it out. Good trick!

  4. having my cake

    LOL… I saw it because I was looking for something after the hint. Whether I’d have spotted it otherwise….?

  5. Jackie Adshead

    Nitebyrd – Thankyou, I’m delighted you like them! The cock shadow amuses me – I like jokes in paintings!

  6. Jackie Adshead

    Having my cake – MMmm…. probably, subconciously!!! 🙂

  7. Jackie – These are amazing images. I love the vibrant colours!

    I thought the joke was that she has one brown nipple and one white nipple. I guess that’s my male perspective!

    Would you like to paint me in this style? 🙂

  8. Jackie Adshead

    Hornymaleuk – Thankyou!

    I’ll happily paint anything in this style, I love the effect!

  9. ll of your work is very erotic, I like that…

    I loved the little flower you put on q2 a while back 🙂

  10. Spiky Zora Jones

    ha…I see it. The play. You clever girl.

    ha…I just saw on the left that Trixie caught on to it too.
    I love them all…fabulous honey.

    Ciao babe.

  11. Lucy Felthouse

    I saw the shadow cock straight away! Lovely paintings… but I’m still in awe from seeing the Fantasy Fanny paintings for real!

  12. Jackie Adshead

    Lucy – thankyou, and I’m delighted you liked the fannies for real! 🙂 It was great to see you there, Lucy!!

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