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Insult to injury

After spending all week busily sorting out all the stuff I’ve got to do for Erotica, I managed a quick late night visit to my local pub the other night, and before I’d even walked through the door I was accosted by an acquaintance sitting outside with the smokers. The last time I’d seen him had been in the pub a couple of weeks ago, and I’d told him about the fanny paintings I’ve been working on, and at that time I hadn’t found a venue to exhibit them, so had been discussing the options for that with him. Since every thing’s moving incredibly fast at the moment, I’d forgotten he didn’t know I’ve arranged to exhibit at Erotica in a couple of weeks. His opening comment to me was “Have you got a print of one of those fanny paintings, I really want one on my wall!” I stopped and had a chat with him, to ascertain which fanny he was referring to, when one of the girls sitting in the group he was with, started listening to the conversation and was obviously very interested in what I was talking about…… I didn’t know her but we started chatting, and it turned out she was 19 years old, and most interested to know more about the subject. I sat and chatted with her (and hadn’t even got my drink by then!) and explained about the fannies being the most delicious of private jokes, about them being a celebration of womanhood, about them being special for women, and that women really relate to them. Whilst we were chatting, there were a few ribald comments, as I would have expected, but one of the girls there was laughing about what we were talking about – and was coming out with various slang for the subject matter – one of which was “axe cut” – I’ve never heard that one before, and can’t say I was enamoured with it. I wondered why the girl in question (who I know, and like) used the phrase – was she being amusing, or just drunken, or did she use the slang to cover her dislike about that part of her body? It made me wonder……… But her friend, was certainly interested in what I had to say about the fannies, and loved the idea, and took my business card so she could look at my website for herself……. And then I realised I hadn’t answered the guy about whether I had prints of the fannies, I’ll have to tell him next time I see him, and ask him more about the comment he made about his mother really liking them ……….

By then I was REALLY ready for a drink! So, to the bar, and started chatting with various friends old and new there. My big news is the fact I’d doing Erotica, its taking up so much of my time at the moment, and there was a lot of chat going on about other people who are going to Erotica too, as visitors. I hadn’t realised it was so popular!! Various ribald comments again, and I had a chat with a guy I’ve seen there previously but not spoken to before, he was talking to his mates, and me, about pleasing a woman, and how different women are “down there” – I gather he’s had many sexual partners – and listening to him speak, I can understand why men are so fascinated with this subject, and a lot of women keep quiet about it. We’re all built differently, and none of us know what each other looks like. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why the Fantasy Fanny paintings are causing so much interest…….

And as an aside – I’ve been talking to the printers about the advertising leaflets that I’m having printed for Erotica, along with the other stuff I’m doing. We’ve been discussing fonts and colour schemes and wording for the leaflets. I know that there are some colours to avoid, particularly with erotic art, and some colours that are more beneficial, so I was trying to stick with those, when the printer made the comment about “menstrual red” not being a good colour to use for the fannies. I was amused with his comment, which was meant as helpful, and taken by me as such, I’d never considered that a colour on my artists palette……… And there was me thinking scarlet was a GOOD colour!!!!!! 🙂

8 thoughts on “Insult to injury”

  1. Jackie Adshead

    Nolens Volens – yes, you’re right, I wonder why!!! 🙂

  2. hehe, it’s amazing how men automatically think of menstrual blood when seeing red… on Halloween, my son got some fake blood down the leg of my jeans, and my mate Crip HAD to make the joke that I must have been on my period….crude!

  3. I like the softer colors myself…. but the whole subject is intriguing…. all of it – and painting it makes it so romantic yet illicit yet a turn-on yet awesome, and…. you’re doing a mervelous thing and I think the deman will end up being huge for it.

  4. Jackie Adshead

    Loving Annie – Yes, that’s why I love it so much – its so many different things. I hope that there is a large demand for it – I would love that to be the case. I feel so passionate about it, and hope others are touched by it too…

  5. having my cake

    There’s that film ‘In the Cut’ with Meg Ryan. That was the first time I’d heard an expression close to that but axe cut is somehow not very nice…

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