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Erotica’d !!!!

Phew, well I’m back, I did it, and BOY was it FUN!!!!!! and also bloody hard work – I’m not used to standing on my feet for twelve hours non stop, and trying to sell at the same time!

Right, to start at the beginning……….

When I arrived on my stand, I was firstly struck by how small it was, and secondly by how badly lit it was. I hadn’t ordered lighting for the stand as I had been told that it was light enough up on the gallery where I was situated. Well, that was true, to a degree, and in some places it was light enough, but not where I was! So, off to pay for some lighting and even though it added to the overall costs by a large amount, it was well worth every penny of it! Because my stand “shone” with the lighting on the vibrant fannies! It took me five hours to dress the tiny stand (including hanging around for the electricians to do the lights). But at the end I was happy I had done the best with what I had. Then, back to the hotel for an early night, and then……….

The first day, and I had been told by someone who has exhibited there many times, to watch the body language of the people passing, and I learnt during that day what that meant. Because some people walked past my stand without even a glimmer of interest at it, me, or anything. Of course that may have had something to do with the fact that on the next stand were two gorgeous virtually topless girls (except for their tasselled nipple cups and very little else). But also, I know that not everyone likes art, regardless of the subject matter (and I thought it was reasonably interesting…………………….. ) 🙂

Anyway……. I learnt during that first day to watch the people, and their reactions. Some smiled at the “Fantasy Fannies” title, some smiled at the art. A lot of them loved the bright vivid colours, and a few of them went a REAL WOOOWWWWWW over my paintings, and the concept they convey. One woman got really very emotional over the beauty of them, which deeply touched me. The fannies are everything I love in art – a unique personalised portrait of a part of your body that normally isn’t painted, they are bright and vibrant, they are a private joke, and the most interesting of conversation pieces – how good is that!!!?? and certainly those who understood the concept, loved it!!!!! A success then! Well, yes, it was for the effect the fannies had on the viewing public. But not on the other artwork I’d taken with me. There wasn’t a vast amount of interest in it at all, but that may have been partly due to the smallness of the stand and not being able to display it properly. It was certainly worth taking though, so people could see what I was capable of. One of the highlights of the show was when a complete stranger said to me “You’re a clever girl aren’t you?” and one woman said that my “fannies” were the best thing at Erotica! Wow! Really???

I certainly had a lot of interest in them. Women really related to them, and some men did too. I’m happy to paint “cocks” as well as fannies, but this project is so new, I haven’t had chance yet. I was asked if I’d paint one of the fannies for an erotic museum, and if I’d like to exhibit them at swinging events in clubs in London, New York and San Francisco. I also discussed the possibility of the fannies being in an article for a raunchy women’s magazine, so I think that the promotion of them has started now, and that will open other doors.

And as you would expect, there were some interesting visitors there. Most people were dressed quite ordinarily, and then there were the more, er, interesting ones – the man in the auburn wig and the “fat suit” dressed as an exotic female dancer, complete with sagging pointy boobs in a red pvc peephole bra, and matching thong hanging down at the back, with a wodge of black public hair at the front, was a scream. The girl as the “dog” on all fours being led around on a collar and lead was cute, the various slaves in collars and leads was to be expected, the girls in corsets looked luscious, the men in dresses, the transvestites, and the cross dressers, all added to the fun of the show. And that’s what I love about it so much, the dressing up aspect, and “playtime for adults” aspect of it.

And of course, the friends who visited, some travelling quite some distances to go to the show. It was really really great to see them, and catch up with their news. And best of all, was the bloggers who went – six that I know 0f, and some of them had their fannies on the wall for the world to see. And of those who made themselves known, it was great for me to put faces and names to their fannies.

So, all in all, a good success. I just hope I’ve “sold” the idea enough for others to want to participate.

Oh, and most amusing moments – were …….

When I was asked why I called myself “Fantasy Fannies” – and I replied ” I don’t!!!”

When I asked a woman if she had ever considered having her fanny painted and her reply was “No, I haven’t, I’m not very happy with it at the moment” (that left me non-plussed!)

When I asked two women swingers if they wanted their fannies painting, and one replied “If I ever want it painted I send you a photo of me flange!”
So, picture of an exhibition. A fanny exhbition. Well, that’s different, isn’t it???

18 thoughts on “Erotica’d !!!!”

  1. Nolens Volens

    Hehe about the flange comment. Maybe next time you’ll get a BIGGER stand and since you already bought all those lights, just pack them up and wait for another time. 😉

    Too bad I live too far away to volunteer my cock for your brush strokes (yes, I know…bad word play but I couldn’t resist!). LOL

  2. Jackie Adshead

    Nolens Volens – Yes, if I do it again I’ll have a bigger stand – but I didn’t BUY the lights, I just rented them for the three days, so I’d still need to rent/buy them another time.

    Well if I decide to do cocks, at least I know there’s one waiting for me already lol

  3. Glad it went so well for you hon..and your stand DEFINITELY stands out from the rest! It’s a shame I missed it. One day we WILL get to meet, lol.

  4. Jackie Adshead

    Trixie – Thankyou! Yes, I’m sorry you missed it too – but I agree, I’m sure we’ll meet one day….

  5. having my cake

    It was great fun and, I might be biased, but your stand was definitely the best one!

  6. Fabulous display, one to certainly catch the eye… wish I’d have had the opportunity to come to Olympia Jackie… I’d have made a fuss over these wickedly wonderful painting celebrating ‘woman hood’

  7. Jackie,
    Glad it went well, and impressed you could stand on your feet for 12hours !

    Hope that next time you will be able to have all of your beautiful work laid out on one long, very well lit gallery wall, for people to appreciate properly ! It really desreves that sort of thing…

    Keeping fingers crossed for you that you ‘sold’ the idea well to others, and will get lots of new commissions 🙂

    Got the book in the mail, btw… Enjoyed looking through it.

  8. Jackie Adshead

    Having my cake – yeh, I thought it was great fun too, and I’m delighted you thought my stand was the best there, if you’re biased or not!!! lol

  9. Jackie Adshead

    Loving annie – Mmm…. yes, it would be better if if was on a long well lit gallery wall. I hope I get lots of commissions from it too, and I’m delighted you’ve got the book and are enjoying it.

  10. Your stand was definitely the highlight of the show for me!

    Cate xxx

  11. Spiky Zora Jones


    I love it all.

    WOW…I can’t stop saying that. 😀
    ciao babe.

  12. Curvaceous Dee

    They look fantastic all exhibited together like that – it’s a marvellous body of work you’re creating!

    (I was so delighted to see the photos on your post – I pointed them out to Apollo, with a ‘look, that painting there is the one of me!’)

    xx Dee

  13. Jackie Adshead

    Curvaceous Dee – Thankyou, I’m proud of it, and love to see them all together too. And I think that’s part of the joy – that you can point at the painting and say “hey, that’s me there!”.

  14. Jackie, it sounds like you’re on the way to some big things with your “fannies!” How wonderful is that? It also sounds like you had fun, which is good.

    The booth looks amazing!

  15. Jackie Adshead

    Nitebyrd – I hope that I am, but the fannies have certainly caused a lot of interest in other people, which is great feedback.

    And yeh, I did have fun, I love Erotica anyway, but being an exhibitor there is more fun! Thankyou re your comments about the booth.

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