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Coming ready or not

Right then! What’s happening this week…..? Oh yes, I remember! EROTICA!!!! 🙂

I haven’t stopped since I decided five weeks ago that I was going to do it. I knew it would be a huge learning curve and it certainly as been!! There’s been so much preparation to do – find and buy various items like a browser, all the hanging equipment, picture mounts, decide which images I’m going to sell as prints, write an explanation of the Queyntes, and what to do if you want your own painting commissioned. Design my flyers, design a banner, get all the information to the printer, print some of it myself to keep the costs down, and even so, the printers bill alone would feed an African village for a year. And then pick up all the stuff from the printer, and insert the prints in the mounts, bag them all up in protective sleeves, sort out what original artwork I’m going to sell, and bag and price that. My lunch over the weekend was all of two minutes, standing by the fridge eating leftovers from the day before, before returning to work again. Because I want it all to be right. I want to be the best I can be in the time I’ve had to prepare, to show the visitors what I have and what I am. I know I’ve got something in everyones price range, from small items to large, presuming they like the images, and some other different artwork images from the fannies. I don’t know what the response is going to be to the Fantasy Fannies but so far its all been promising.

When I collected the flyers from the printer on Friday, I quickly ascertained he’d printed a quarter of the flyers I’d asked for. So it was a good job I hadn’t left it all to the last minute! I waited an hour or so whilst he printed off the other three thousand. He’s a nice lad, and we happily chatted whilst he fed the copier with reams of paper and guillotined them afterwards. He told me that other customers of his had been in this week and seen my brightly coloured flyers depicting Queynte 2 with my details printed over the top, and the words “Fantasy Fannies” being very prominent, and had noticed them with great interest. One couple had been in, and the guy had seen the flyers and started sniggering to himself. His wife couldn’t see what was funny, as he sniggered and mumbled about “fantasy fannies“. He pointed it out to her, and she caught on straight away what she was looking at and said “Oh, yes, I see!!!!” and her man looked non-plussed and said “What?”. The printer tactfully pointed out that he was looking at what it said it was! And still, the guy didn’t get it! His wife had done by then, and was laughing, but he’d totally missed it! And I think, that’s part of the fun of these paintings – its the ones in the know, enjoying a joke against those who aren’t!!!

In the pub on Friday night, I went to say hi to a friend of mine, he was chatting to a mate of his who I didn’t know, and introduced us by saying “Jackie paints fannies!” which quite understandable was a good conversation starter!!!! I spent the next five minutes explaining how and why exactly I paint fannies – to the great interest of my new acquaintance. He asked if I did willies too – and I said I certainly would! He was certainly interested in the idea!!!

Another friend of mine in the pub, who is very interested in art in general and this latest project, asked why I did erotic art. I said it was the most difficult art I could think of, and that was part of the appeal. But I like people, and this is just part of what makes an adult, the erotic side to us.

Right, on with the last few things I need to do – and I’m looking forward to meeting the bloggers who are planning on coming to meet me – Wow, meeting them in real life!!! Very exciting 🙂

The pull of art is great, and its one of the things I love so much about it………

6 thoughts on “Coming ready or not”

  1. I sooo wish I could be there to meet you. I was NEARLY going to be in London Friday night, but think that’s changed now.

    Good luck with it all!

  2. Jackie Adshead

    Trixie – Thats a shame, but I know you’ve got more important things happening at the moment – hopefully we’ll meet another time!

  3. Jackie,
    Fingers crossed for you.
    Hope it is an absolutely wonderful show, that your lovely tasteful erotic paintings sell like mad, and people sign up for future commissions !

  4. I know you’re going to have a ball at Erotica. ‘WOW’ I’m so excited for you Jackie~ you’ve worked so god damn fucking hard to get to where you are in your art… So am wishing you all the luck in the universe..but am quite sure you will do just fine. Go girl, have fun and sell your fabulous art work.. this will be your making.The whole world will be there, the event is your destiny.. go forth and make money! Become ‘Famous’ baby..

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