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The art speaks for itself

It’s stuck me recently the huge effect these “Fantasy Fannies” have had on people – especially women. And the difference between them and anything else I’ve painted EVER before. I’ve painted loads of things in my life – and hope I continue to do so – and I’ve had some wonderfully positive reactions to things I’ve painted – tears of happiness, tears of recognition, acknowledgement of emotions or past happy memories, wonder at techniques for painting eyes and capturing the soul of an animal, wonder at the likeness of a favourite pet, excitement at secrets hidden within a painting, joy of erotic experiences captured in my artwork. All positive, and personal. And to a point, I know that its because the person who has seen the painting I’ve painted for them, knows me a bit as a person too. Even the bloggers who have bought artwork from me, know a bit about me from my blog, or website. They may not know me as a person, or would even recognise me if we were to meet face to face, but they know me a little as a character.

And then I unveiled the fantasy fanny “Queyntes” on my blog. And sat back, and waited quietly for the comments…… And boy, was I surprised at them – at the fact that complete unknown bloggers came to look at them, through other bloggers pointing the way through their own sites – “There’s Jackies artwork- go and have a look at it!” and they came, in their droves to look. And see. And comment. And email me. And…………. to ask me to paint theirs too. Wow! What interest!What a response! What HAVE I done I wondered? What HAS my artwork done? And you know what – its done exactly what artwork should do

…………………………. it’s spoken to you…………………….

Its touched a nerve, its made you think, its spoken to something deep inside you, its made you happy, its made you want to join in. Its touched you…………

And that is what art should do. And its MY art that’s done it. And most of you don’t know ME as such, so my personality is of no concern, its my ART that has done it, standing up, on its OWN. And I find that AWESOME.

Truely awesome.

And the fact I was voted in the top 3 for Sugasm too, for the first time, just adds to the Wow factor…….

12 thoughts on “The art speaks for itself”

  1. Nolens Volens

    The title of your post says it all. The real reason why I like it is that you’ve captured the true abstraction of the pussy. Granted, no pussy is same and you have managed to interpret that in ways that speaks volumes to people when they look at your work. I love the use of the warm and cool colors while incorporating the inherent physical features into the art.

  2. Jackie Adshead

    Nolens volens – Thankyou, I’m delighted the art talks for itself.

  3. Writes Like A Girl

    I just found your art from another blog and I am very excited to have done so. There is so much in the painting that speaks to me on so many levels. Beauty, color, femininity, secrecy and pleasure. So many things that are about being a woman that are wrapped up in the folds of that complex part of us that is sexual and yet so much more. You really brought all the layers of that to life in your work.

  4. Jackie Adshead

    Writes like a girl – I’m delighted I’ve produced all those things within my paintings, thankyou.

  5. The attention is well-deserved, Jackie, and I’m glad it’s happening for you.

  6. YAY! for you! You definitely deserve every bit of attention and praise that you get.

    I’ll be sending a picture shortly!

  7. Ummm, honey, I tried to take a photo decent for you… didn’t get a chance to download it… then my phone broke yesterday and I had it sent away for repair…oops!!!! Embarassing stuff there! lol

  8. Jackie Adshead

    Trixie – You’re making me laff over this one – there’s some poor phone technician somewhere trying to mend your phone, then he inadvertently opens up your images, and there, where he was expecting pictures of you and your mates in the pub, he finds……… your smiling fanny in glorious detail!!!! LMAO

  9. having my cake

    I think it’s brilliant! Who’d have thought that one little conversation… 🙂 But, for all that, if you werent a fantastic painter in the first place. Great stuff, Jackie!

    LMAO at Trixie – at least she’ll know whether the repairman has been looking at stuff he shouldnt 🙂

  10. Jackie Adshead

    Having my cake – Yes, I’m finding it astounding too, that one little conversation between us, the throw-away line, the thought, the question, the fact we both said we were actually serious about it – should all lead to THIS!!!!!

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