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Fannying around

Well, the Fantasy Fanny project is certainly taking off – and I’ve got the Queyntes featured properly on my website now too – in their own gallery, because they shine like jewels there and I didn’t want them to be rubbing up against (so to speak!!!) other paintings as I think they should be viewed alone as a collection, and the way things are going, the collection is certainly growing on a global level!

The next batch (what is the collective term for a group of fannies? – A “snatch” maybe???!!) of photos are coming in now, and to my delight some of them feature piercings. How exciting! And something that I want to incorporate if the owner of the piercing is happy for me to do so. I think that it all adds to the project in that most piercings aren’t normally seen, and a lot of people wonder “where exactly?” the piercings ARE, so the paintings with the piercings will explain that, certainly! Plus, I love to see how the jewellery adds to the beauty of the area they are enhancing, and I can show that in the paintings themselves. It will also personalise the area, which is no doubt one of the reasons the owner has it done in the first place.

And the feedback for the paintings has been interesting in “real life” too – I had the chance to talk to a woman doctor last week, and told her about my new project, which interested her greatly. She said that she’d seen enough fannies to last her a life-time! (which amused me greatly!!!) but it wasn’t a part of the body she found particularly attractive, and yet after she’d viewed my paintings she said how lovely the paintings were, and how wonderful the colours, and she felt it was the best art of mine she had seen, which compared to the lack of her interest in the subject matter was doubly astonishing, she felt!!!! Wow!

I also saw some friends over the weekend and was interested in showing them the paintings, as she is a psychologist and he an architect, so the feedback from them was going to be of great interest to me as it would relate to people and art. And interestingly enough, she *loved* them, and he *liked them alot* but found the colours a bit too vibrant for his tastes. They were both very interested in the art for women aspect of them, and both very very positive about them. The psychologist said that a lot of women who she sees have “dark feelings” about their vaginas, so she particularly loved the “energy” within my bright paintings.

And I’m also finding it interesting who is “not interested” in this subject too – whether its because of personal choice such as the “Thank you Jackie, but we don’t feel your artwork is appropriate for what we do” type of comments. Or the, “Well I think the art is wonderful but I don’t think the school where I work is the right place to exhibit it!” type of comments! Its showing me that I have a “niche market” – I just have to find the right niche to exhibit it in!!!! 🙂

I think that I’m starting to find the pattern of this collection of paintings too -that women “love” them, and men are left feeling a little bemused, I think.

And thankyou to the bloggers who have linked to me because of their support in this project, I really appreciate it, especially as they’ve all been done because you’ve wanted to do it, not because I’ve asked you to, that makes it even more special!

14 thoughts on “Fannying around”

  1. WICKED !! ‘Snatch’ rhymes with scratch… this is so funny… sexy pics, juicy pics… fabulous fannies… is the paint edible? Now there’s an idea, eat the painting of your fav fannie?? Lol

  2. Jackie Adshead

    Indigo – No, the painting’s a reminder of your favourite fabulous fanny when you CAN’T eat it! 🙂

  3. I found your blog through a comment you left on Jennybean’s blog and you mentioned something about Fantasy Fannies, which intrigued me, so I had to come check you out.

    I was reading and reading and I didn’t know what the definition of Queynte was but I knew, or thought I knew, that a fanny was a butt. I was slightly confused. But after seeing the paintings and googling the word Queynte, I’m now enlightened.

    Anyway, the pictures are magnificent! I love how you’ve incorporated a beautiful woman’s body into each painting. Amazing. The colors are fabulous too. Although one had a somewhat of a dark, slightly angry tone to it, which I completely attributed to the darker colors. Honestly, I thought it was silly to be thinking of an angry vagina. =)

    Great work! Can’t wait to see the others.

  4. Jackie Adshead

    April – Yeh, I know it’s confusing to Americans what a fanny is! (it’s a different part of the body than it is to the English!). I tend to think of “Fantasty Fannies” being the working title for the “Queynte” paintings.

    Thanks, I’m delighted you like the paintings, but hope that none of them look angry. They should all look happy and vibrant.

  5. Spiky Zora Jones

    Hi jackie, I’m back from Oz and I am so busy with the work and My little one is sick with a cold/cough. Oh Noes! yes and i was up with him very late. I’m dragging today.

    I like the sitye sweetie, it’s beautiful and the art…magnificent.

    Will be back to review more.

    Ciao baby.

  6. Stunning work my dear. If you don’t mind I will be back and will be adding you to my blog roll!

  7. Jackie Adshead

    Spiky – I’m glad you like the site and the art, thankyou.

    Looking forward to hearing about your adventures in Oz when you’ve got your little chap better.

  8. Jackie Adshead

    Asweetnectar – Great – glad you like it, and thanks for adding me to your blogroll, much appreciated!

  9. oh my goodness – I think I saw ‘me” on your website – and I look beautiful !!!!! Oh Jackie, thank you !!!! I wish I could make it a post on my erotica blog 🙂

    Will send you a ‘fanny’ shot. I have a wonderful one from 3 years ago !

  10. Jackie Adshead

    Loving Annie – But I’ve not painted yours yet…. wait a bit til I get chance to do it and I hope then, that you’re as enthusiastic about it as now…..

    And I look forward to your fanny shot – but I think we may have different meanings on what a “fanny” is in the USA compared to the UK ! :)))))

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