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Wall to wall

It’s looking for opportunities when they occur and leaping in when you get the chance that’s something I keep an eye out for. The other week I was at the dentist and noticed that the waiting room had been re-decorated since my last visit. And there in front of me was a large and very B A R E patch of wall….. and I just have this big urge to FILL it with a painting when I see one of those! And I could envisage a nice painting there, oh yes, with my name in the bottom right hand corner, of course! But a painting of what, for a dentist? Ah, yes, I know, big cheesy smiles! Excellent choice! They would keep the nervous patients happy, and be a good advert for good teeth at the same time! I mentioned to my dentist that I was interested in painting a picture for the reception, but so far haven’t heard anything. And I bet when I next go back, they’ve ignored my idea and put something boring up like a local landscape…. Sigh. That’s not very toothy is it??!

And this last week I found that there’s an excellent farm shop opened locally, so I went along at the weekend to check it out and was delighted with the excellent quality of the food and the reasonable prices. I made some purchases and had a quick chat with the owner about the cafe they have there with lots of empty wall space and said that I lived locally, was an artist and wondered if she’d be interested in putting my paintings on the walls. She said they’d been looking for an artist since they’d opened a year ago and would be interested in seeing my artwork. We made an arrangement for me to go to see her today and she said she’d prefer “landscapes” to anything else for her walls. (And before you ask, funnily enough I didn’t mention the erotic landscapes I do – I didn’t want her clientele choking on their tea-cakes when they saw some of the more raunchy stuff I paint!).

So, I went along this morning and took with me nine of my paintings to show her a selection of my artwork. She wasn’t interested in the tigers (but then they’re not very local to this area!) but went a real WOW over a painting I did some time ago of a cockerel and hen. It’s here for you to look at and is called “Birds of a feather”. She adored the bright colours and farmyard theme of it, understandably, if she’s running a farm shop! So I’ll choose that one along with some similar ones. We’ve agreed a “sale or return basis”, which means she gets the paintings to hang on the walls and doesn’t pay me for them. They stay in my ownership. But if she sells any, she’ll take a percentage and I’ll have the bulk of the selling price. Its a good arrangement for all concerned – the visitors to her cafe will have paintings to look at, changed regularly, and the opportunity to buy them; the owner of the cafe gets free artwork and an opportunity to make a bit of money if the paintings sell; the artist gets a wall to hang pictures on, and since it’s a cafe the visitors are a captive audience and tend to sit and look at the art rather than miss it all together, and maybe they’ll buy something. If the pictures don’t sell, they come back to the artist.

And the best bit of this conversation was the farm shop owner said they’d been looking for a while for an artist to put some pictures on their walls, and they hadn’t found one they liked until they saw my artwork. Yay!!! And the best bit is she wants TEN pictures on the wall!!! Hey, another YAY!!!! And she might commission me to do some other artwork for the rest of the shop, which they’ll pay me for!!!! Wow!!! Triple YAY!!!!

12 thoughts on “Wall to wall”

  1. theres nothing better than positive feedback on your work, not to mention money coming with it!

  2. Spiky Zora Jones

    I love the excitement that emits from you. Like sunlight, it washes on me and makes me feel warm all over. That makes me smile for your good fortune.

    Sweetie, I love the painting of the rooster and hen. I love the bright colors and I especially love how the brush strokes show your talent and style.

    I love the idea that you can show your work and see them there. How exciting it all is….Yay!!! 😀

    ciao jackie…you rock.

  3. Jackie Adshead

    Spiky – Aw, thanks, your words as ever are heart warming. And I’m delighted you like the rooster and hen, I love the bright colours in them too!

    And yeh, the thought of it is exciting to see my work hanging up! I love it!!

  4. Fantastic! Nothing better than having a free gallery in a cafe/restaurant.

    Maybe you should scout out some more places to do this?

  5. Maybe you have discovered a niche market. Have you thought about visiting other farm shops?

  6. Jackie Adshead

    Trixie – Yeh, that’s right, its a great opportunity. I’m always on the look out for places like this, but they tend to be quick to get artwork on the wall. Having said that I do have paintings hanging on the walls of a cafe in the vicinity and the other day whilst chatting to a guy who is thinking of building a new tea room/deli in the area, I said straight away that I’d put some paintings on the walls of his tea shop and he seemed really keen on the idea.

  7. Jackie Adshead

    Hornymaleuk – Yes, maybe I have, its worth scouting around looking at other farm shops. I didn’t know this one had a cafe attached to it until I went, and I’m not sure how many others in the area do too. A scouting trip might be in order to find out!

  8. Try large garden centres as well. Most of them have cafes or restaurants.

  9. having my cake

    Sounds like an excellent arrangement all round. Isnt there a local zoo with a tearoom that might take the tigers?

  10. Jackie Adshead

    Hornymaleuk – Thankyou, yes that’s a good idea except I don’t paint flowers! 🙂

  11. Jackie Adshead

    Having my cake – Mmm… yes there might be – what a good idea! Thanks.

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