Wall to wall

It’s looking for opportunities when they occur and leaping in when you get the chance that’s something I keep an eye out for. The other week I was at the dentist and noticed that the waiting room had been re-decorated since my last visit. And there in front of me was a large and very […]

Why is it what it’s in?

They’ve gone. And to a very good home, where they certainly belong. But I still had a slightly sad moment when the dog pictures were collected this week. Only a bit sad though, not a gut-wrenching depression over it, you understand! I always get slightly emotionally attached to my artwork, even when I’m only creating […]

All change

Recently I’ve been looking at a painting I’ve got in my studio, it’s just been propped up against the wall for ages and ages. I did it a couple of years ago and everytime I look at it, something niggles at me that its not quite “right”. I haven’t been able to tell myself exactly […]