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Tree of life

Well, you’ve all been very patient, and now comes the time of the big unveiling! If you can remember back into the far distant mists of memory of last November, dj kirkby asked me if I could paint an erotic landscape for her, and I happily said I would. It was exactly the same week that Willsibob asked me the very same question (although his painting was totally different) so then I had a few problems juggling commissions and getting them ready for the Christmas deadline. After a brief discussion with dj kirkby, she decided she’d be happier to leave the painting for Chopper until his birthday at the end of March. This suited me very well, as I needed to spend a lot of time planning the picture. Because what she was asking for was very challenging to do. She wanted the painting to look like an erotic couple AND look like a landscape. So, to innocent eyes, the painting would be innocent, and to knowing eyes, the painting would be erotic. Mmmm…… Plus, she wanted the couple to BE the landscape as well. So, two pictures in one. Quite a daunting task!!!

To begin the painting I knew I would have to start with the couple themselves, and somehow make them the geography of the landscape. And as I had to check each time that dj kirkby and I were on the same wavelength I emailed her at each stage of production for her feedback. Firstly with the original sketches, then as she ok’d them, with the working drawings, then building up on that, until we got to a final design we were both happy with. From then I had to do a working painting so that I could work out the colours, the lighting, the contrasts and any other fine details that needed looking at. And sent that to dj kirkby to make sure she was happy with it. She was. That took the best part of three months, along with an awful lot of thought in between times! But, once I had a good working drawing that I was happy with, the rest flowed! The final painting was done in only a few weeks, but by then I only needed to follow my working painting as all the thoughts had gone into it by then. I worked hard on it, as I knew she wanted it for Choppers birthday and I was going away in mid March and had to send it to her and know she had received it before I went!

So, the great unveiling! You can see sky, cliffs, sand dunes, rocks, a beach, a tree, a cave, the sea and a phallic looking lighthouse. But, what else do you see………………? I’m delighted with the painting. It is both erotic and a landscape. And the title? It’s called “Tree of life” because although the tree in the painting is the womans arm and hand, the tree is also situated where their bodies are joined, where they are creating life.

And I know I shall be painting more pictures like this, as they are unique. And I like painting unique pictures. So, who wants the next erotic landscape…………………….?

22 thoughts on “Tree of life”

  1. ‘Sex on the beach’ has a whole new meaning now!! Excellent, I love her nips in particular.. wouldn’t mind playing in her sand dunes!!Very well done. I’m sure the recipient will fall in love with this picture straight away.

  2. Jackie Adshead

    Indigo – Very clever! Love it, sex on the beach! Yay! Good title!!

  3. Great to have you back in the country, and certainly your journeys across the world will bring you great inspiration and style.

    Just to take you back to your Japan trip, the egg cups you got were not surprising to me, they are a very polite race, but in some way their erotic experience is hidden from general eyes, but behind the scenes the pleasure they take in pleasing the other person comes out as their most predominant trait. And the style of those egg cups so typical of their artworks.

    Back to the Landscape, simply superb, my initial “reminder” was strangely the film “Evil under the Sun”, which has a cave just the same position. It would be most interesting to think that Poirot was wandering beneath a ladies knee when he was in the cave that Christine had hidden. Meanderings aside, the final result of your 3 months hard work is fantastic, a very tricky commission. Although I do think that light house is a bit phallic! .. just kidding, the fact that it isn’t adds more reality.

    Welcome back, and let your mind and paintbrush be free.

  4. OMFG JACKIE!!! You’re BRILLIANT!!! :-O

    The WHOLE time I was reading I just knew that I was soon to scroll down to the picture of the painting! I was soooooooo excited and I couldn’t wait!

    But at the same time I really took my time before I looked at it, coz it was like opening a lovely present at xmas time! *GiGGLeS*

    I LOVE IT! You’re amazing! 🙂 xx

  5. Jackie Adshead

    Willsibob – Thankyou re the welcome back message. I agree, that my journeys will add to the quality of my art.

    I’m glad you’ve explained the egg cups and can understand what you mean regarding the Japanese being polite and reserved on the surface hiding a hot bed of pleasurable erotica underneath!

    Glad you like the erotic landscape. Yes, it was a tricky commission, which is why I was glad to have enough time to design and produce it. And the lighthouse is supposed to be phallic, hopefully in a not too obvious way!

  6. Jackie Adshead

    Vbf – Thankyou. Glad it’s so exciting for you, that’s real good to hear!!!

  7. Spiky Zora Jones

    jackie you did a fantabulous piece of art there. I love it. i’m sure Chopper will love it. I am in love with lighthouses. They are such a turn on. hehehe

    ciao babes…you rock.

  8. Jackie, what a wonderful and unique picture.
    I especially like how the grass at the edge of the cliff seems to be reaching for the woman – as if there are grassy fingers wanting to explore her!
    …And I love her nipples…!

  9. Jackie Adshead

    Spiky Zora Jones – I’m so pleased you like it.

    You’re making me laff about your love of lighthouses! But, I can see your point!!

  10. Jackie Adshead

    Racy redhead – Thankyou, I think it’s a wonderfully unique picture too. I’m pleased you like it!

  11. Jackie Adshead

    dj kirkby – My pleasure. Although it was very challenging to do, I’m delighted with the outcome of the painting.

  12. OMG! Jackie, that’s amazing and absolutely beautiful! DJ and Chopper are so brilliant to have had you paint this. I can’t think of another artist that would have done the subject matter justice.


  13. Jackie Adshead

    Nitebyrd – Thankyou. You’ve just gone to the top of my favourite people list for saying that you don’t know of another artist who could have done this painting justice. To be quite honest, I don’t know of any others either!

  14. Lucy Felthouse

    Jackie, that’s beautiful. I can’t wait to see the real thing. We must sort something out to meet again soon… I have some filthy new story ideas I’m sure we can make filthier with the help of some of your sexy paintings/drawings!


  15. Jackie Adshead

    Lucy – Thankyou! Yeh, it’d be great to catch up with you again soon – and I always enjoy hearing about your sexy tales and thinking up ways that I can illustrate them for you!

  16. Wow, what an amazing picture. I’ve come from a link on DJKirby’s blog. I gather she commissioned this for Chopper’s birthday last year. Beautiful, she must have been thrilled.

  17. Jackie Adshead

    BT – Thankyou, yes she did, and yes I hope she was thrilled!

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