Seeing red

Last week when I saw my usual model I had a basic idea for a painting but after trying a couple of poses in watercolour I decided I wasn’t at all happy at the outcome for various reasons, it just wasn’t working and the colours and tones were far too weak. I wanted to do […]

Pretentious twaddle

I’m going to say something and I’ll try hard really really hard not to use any swear words to tell you……… but I’m gonna be really struggling with this, so bear with me………. Lots of people give me things that they think may be of interest to me, especially if it’s to do with art, […]


I did an erotic drawing this week, and I’m half happy with it. I’m not sure why I’m not fully happy with it, but perhaps it’s because it’s only a simple drawing. I found it interesting because it was basically a life drawing pose but I wanted to make it look more like an erotic […]

Filling the wall

I’ve spent the last few days updating and twiddling with my website and am delighted with the way it’s looking now! Have a look and tell me what you think. I’ve put on the latest new images including the two erotic landscapes, some non erotic landscapes and some erotic images. (It’s just struck me that […]

If I’m not mistaken

Do you wanna hear a funny story? Well it certainly amused me greatly ……….I’ll share it with you and see what you think…….. The other week a woman I know as a distant acquaintance from many years ago contacted me regarding wanting a painting done as a surprise for her husbands forthcoming birthday. She wanted […]

Tree of life

Well, you’ve all been very patient, and now comes the time of the big unveiling! If you can remember back into the far distant mists of memory of last November, dj kirkby asked me if I could paint an erotic landscape for her, and I happily said I would. It was exactly the same week […]