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Popping corks

The last few weeks have been busy and for various reasons I’ve not been able to see my model to do any erotic drawings. So, it was good to see her this week and get a picture down on paper. I thought it would be good to use a prop with her, and to hint at another person she was interacting with, even though the other person can’t be seen within the drawing…. and it struck me that a bottle of champagne and two champagne glasses might just do it! The minute I saw what underwear she was wearing it also gave me the idea of how the composition of the image should be. Her black bra perfectly framed her breasts, giving them a lovely lift and rounded shape and this lead on to the idea for the next stage. It seems to me that a champagne bottle is deeply erotic when used in conjunction with a half dressed woman, particularly the phallic shape of the bottle, so I got her to lean forward so that it was almost framed between her breasts……. leading onto the thought of what would be happening next if it wasn’t just a bottle she was holding in her hand……….. And I know the idea of a popping champagne bottle actually leads on to that thought too! So the drawing is called “Come join me” – which amuses me greatly!

And also whilst I’m talking of celebrating and erotic art, I’ve been in communication with dj kirkby regarding the erotic landscape I’m painting for her. Over the past few weeks, I’ve come up with a few ideas, and told her of them, and drawn her a few sketches from my ideas, and shown them to her, and listened to her thoughts and suggestions, and gone away and thought some more, and drawn some more, and shown her the next stage, and we’ve discussed it, and I could see what she meant if she any criticisms she had of it, and have adjusted them and created a better picture through it……. and you know what? I love the design I’ve finally come up with! Its taken a long time to get to it, because its so challenging – to paint a picture that looks like a landscape. AND to paint a picture that looks like an erotic couple. Both difficult enough things to do on their own – BUT THEN, I’ve got to interact them so that they work in conjunction with each other at the same time! Now, THAT’S a challenge!!! But…… after working hard on it, thinking alot about it, and sitting down and working through the designs, I’ve come up with a good image – it works well as a landscape AND as an erotic couple, I’ve worked out the tones and composition, I’ve worked out where to incorporate the clever artistic bits that give a picture that “zing” and now i’ve got to work out the colours for it……. So, the next stage is to sit down with my palette and mix up some colours, see how they interact with other colours and get them down on paper to see the effect. And then…… after all this, comes the good bit ……… I get to paint the actual picture!

12 thoughts on “Popping corks”

  1. The picture is wonderful and as usual lets the viewers imagination create more of the story.

    I’m happy to hear you’ve gotten the landscape visualized. Looking forward to seeing the finished painting. DJ will let you share with us, won’t she? 🙂

  2. Jackie Adshead

    Nitebyrd – Thankyou, I’m glad you like the drawing.

    Dj is happy for me to show it AFTER the recipient has received it for his birthday. She doesn’t want him to see it beforehand, so it’ll have to wait a while before its shown on my website and blog. Having said that, I’ve not painted it yet, and we’re getting ever closer to his birthday, so I might post it immediately afterwards!!

  3. She ceratinly popped my cork with breasts like those.! You got her number? might invite your model out for a drink or ten…!

  4. Jackie Adshead

    Indigo – Yeh, she’s got lovely boobs….. and yeh, I got her number!

  5. I am soooooo excited!!!! Dear faithful readers of Jackie’s blog, keep in mind that the recipient does not know he is getting this for his birthday so please do not mention it on my blog or on his, ta!

  6. Jackie Adshead

    dj kirkby – Oh, I hadn’t realised he doesn’t know about it, I thought he did! What fun!!!

  7. oooo I can’t wait to see the painting for DJ! Hehe, I like it that we’ll be sharing it with Chopper!

  8. You can’t beat a bit of ‘Zing’.. Lol..lookin forward to viewing your erotic landscape… clever girlie!

  9. Jackie Adshead

    Indigo – That’s very true! And I look forward to showing it to you!

  10. Jackie – I love the combination of champagne and the promise of some imminent erotic action!
    My sort of picture and beautifully done as usual.

  11. Jackie Adshead

    Racy redhead – Thankyou, I liked the promise that the drawing manages to convey too!

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