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Channelling energies

Sometimes you have to clear the other stuff that’s happening in your life before you can get on with the thing you really want to do. I love painting. I love being creative. I could quite happily spend every day painting and creating things. But to do that I would have to put all the other parts of my life on hold, or ignore them. But then my life would get messy and I’d get even more stuff to deal with!! So, I have to finely balance my art against the other things that make up my life. Because if I spent all day painting I’d become a hermit, I’d become very introverted, or so focussed on art that my house would become a pigsty and the various relationships with all the people in my life would suffer. So sometimes art has to be put on hold. Life gets between it and me.

I’ve been discussing this problem with my spiritual healer friend, and she’s helped me put it into perspective. She tells me that sometimes you have to sort out the difficult stuff before you can get to the pure stuff. And the pure stuff for me is being creative. I’ve thought alot about what she’s said. And she’s right. So, now I’ve been able to sort out the things I’ve needed to sort and you know what? I feel totally revitalised because of it!!!!! I feel I’ve chanelled my energies to clear everything within me. I feel strong again and can focus properly on my art now. It doesn’t mean I’m ignoring the people in my life, they know how important my art is to me, and support my passion for it. It just means my energies are clear for art again now, and hopefully, it should shine through in what I next create!

9 thoughts on “Channelling energies”

  1. She’s got a funny kinda resemblance to Cybil Sheppard.. wicked picture, so many faces in there

  2. Jackie Adshead

    Indigo – Yes, I suppose she has, from when she was in Moonlighting, aptly!

    Glad you like the painting – the more you look, the more faces you see………….

  3. having my cake

    Why is it that whenever you post a painting, Im automatically looking for pussies? Ive been brainwashed!

  4. Jackie Adshead

    Having my cake – LMAO over THAT comment!!!! How excellent!!! Well, did you find any??!

  5. Hey I’ve just found some pussies.. I knew if I looked hard enough they’d pop up… pop up pussies? Wicked!!

  6. Gods! I need to figure out how do that, Jackie.

    Beautiful painting!

  7. Jackie Adshead

    Nitebyrd – Its not easy, and its taken me a long time to work out how to do it too!

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