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Reviewing, reflecting and renewal

Well…… it’s been a very busy year! Lots of challenges, lots achieved, lots of artwork created, and some very interesting people met through it all…….

This was the year that I finally found my niche in life – as an Erotic Artist, a painter of naked people and their subtle interactions. I’ve updated my website accordingly, promoted myself more, and started blogging about it. And through blogging I’ve met some incredibly interesting and diverse people, a couple of them even coming from the USA to meet me! This year I’ve sold paintings of animals, landscapes, erotic landscapes, and erotica! I’ve exhibited locally and sold paintings to other countries, hence making me an International Artist. I’ve joined the Guild of Erotic Artists, which has introduced me to like minded artists and raised my standing in the world of erotic art. I’ve shocked and enthralled the ladies of the WI with my tales of naked people and my life as an erotic artist. I’ve been asked to quote for a huge architectural commission which I possibly won’t get, and it doesn’t bother me if I don’t, because my passion is painting the erotic, the inter-relationships and emotional connections between people. It’s that, that inspires me. I’ve been to the interesting and exotic Erotica show in London, to promote myself more as an erotic artist. But best of all of this, I have become an artist, proper. I have the skills, talents, self belief and passion that make me so, and others recognise and acknowledge it also. I’ve been feted like a minor celebrity (very minor!), met a fascinating spiritual healer, had strangers email me out of the blue and offer their many varied services, had others just contact me to say how much my art or outlook on life has struck a chord with them, been asked to paint an aura, captured on paper the embodiment of a favoured pet, sold artwork on the basis of my surname (and talent, I hasten to add!), sold cards and paintings, contributed to local newspapers and local exhibitions, met a very talented erotic writer, inspired others to start blogging, met fellow bloggers and drawn them, invited other women to participate in very intimate and graphic portraits, been invited to sell my artwork as bespoke wall coverings, and had many strange and exciting conversations with all types of people. A good year then.

But what of the new year…….?. Before its even started, there’s a lot to do already. Firstly I have an erotic landscape to paint. This one is going to be an interesting challenge and I shall enjoy doing it immensely. I also want to get back to the Fantasy Fanny collection of paintings, the idea of which excites and exhilarates me. I’ve had to put it on hold for the sake of the Christmas commissions, and can’t wait to get started properly on this most exciting of female art projects. And as well as this, I want to get more involved with the Guild of Erotic Artists, meeting more of my fellow artists and exhibiting with them in new and varied locations. I have also been asked to illustrate the book my new spiritual healer friend has written, which will be the exciting multi-faceted and mystical sort of artwork I love doing. I also want to spend the new year concentrating on promoting the bespoke wall coverings of my artwork which I think will be another exciting outlet for my art. And then, maybe, I can get on to the other ideas I have for paintings and drawings, the half formed notions and visions that will make excellent paintings, when I get the chance to get paint to paper, oils to canvas, pencil to card…………

And as an image for the end of the year, and beginning of the new year, I’ll put up this unicorn. I used it as my Christmas card this year, (well, I could hardly use an erotic image for it, could I?!!) I’m very happy with it as an image of reflection on the old year and hopes and dreams of the new……………..

11 thoughts on “Reviewing, reflecting and renewal”

  1. Happy New Year, Jackie!

    The unicorn is gorgeous, though I, personally, would have been thrilled to receive an erotic Christmas card – there must be an untapped niche market for you there!

  2. Have a very Happy New Year Jackie.

    I can’t possibly imagine what you’re going to do this year to beat 2007, but I’m going to love watching you do it!

    Cheers from Racy and H.


  3. Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!!

    Now THATS fantastic, using your own work as cards! Wish I was that talented!

  4. Jackie Adshead

    Luka – thankyou, Mmmm…. erotic Chistmas card….now there’s an idea, but…… where ..shall I stick the holly….???!

  5. Jackie Adshead

    Indigo – thankyou!!! Those comments are much appreciated!

  6. Jackie Adshead

    Racy redhead – Thankyou. I shall try my very best to beat 2007, and will happily show you my artistic endeavours! (especially when I can get back to the fantasy fanny paintings!!)

  7. Jackie Adshead

    Vi – I’ve been doing it for years and sell my own cards too, with any of my artistic images anyone chooses…… I’m sure you could do your own Christmas cards too, with photos of some of your more exciting exploits, although there would be a lot to choose from, vi!!!

  8. Jackie, you sound like you are excited to start the year! 🙂 The card is just beautiful. Maybe next year you could do an erotic snowscape?

    Happy New Year!

  9. Jackie Adshead

    Nitebyrd – Yes, I am excited! Loads to do, loads to look forward to!

    And I like your idea of an erotic snowscape….

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