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I know my place

I know who I am. I know what I do. I’ve been building up my career as an erotic artist – sorry, I’ll re-write that ……. as…………………………….. “An Erotic Artist”!!! That’s what I do. Everyone I meet at the moment is in no allusion whatsoever that that is what I do. I tell all I meet. I advertise the fact. Its clear if you look at my website. And people relate to it. They like it. They ask me questions about it. I am introduced to others with the title of it. Even the W.I. have asked me to go and talk to me on that very subject, because they are interested and intrigued at the title. They know they are going to be in the company of an Erotic Artist who will tell them titillating tales of the naughtiness I depict.

So……….. tell me this then…………….. why is it, that the latest two, yes TWO, commissions I’ve got, are for………………………….wait for it………… DOG PORTRAITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, don’t get me wrong – I’m delighted to get the commissions. I will do a good job. I will make good wholesome pictures for the owners to be happy with, and they will look upon their paintings with pride and pleasure, hopefully for years to come. But, hey, what is it with the dog pics?!!!

MMMMMmmmmmm………. Maybe I’m going wrong somewhere. Perhaps I should forget all this erotic stuff. Whatdoyouthink? Should I? Should I turn my back on naked women, rampant men, horny couples, sexy lingerie, handcuffs and ropes, blindfolds and sexy boots, and just concentrate on …………………. the DOGS?????????????? Should I………………………….???

24 thoughts on “I know my place”

  1. ” NOOOooooooooooooooooooo…” !!
    A dog? pussy yeah, Dog? Have you gone completely mad woman?? LOL xx

  2. Jackie Adshead

    Indigo – LMAO – NOOOOOO!!! I haven’t gone barking mad! I’d far rather paint pussies – but I got the dogs to do first………………

  3. Continue enjoying art in all its forms. It’s the dog’s bollocks!!!

  4. Jackie Adshead

    Vi – Oh, no, this is all very very vanilla, no fetish at all (which I’m pleased about if it involves dogs – otherwise, its a pity!!) lol

  5. Jackie Adshead

    Hornymaleuk – You’re making me laff. Love your comment! And yes, art is!!

  6. There could be a niche market for dog erotica, aimed at canines – sensual paintings of dogs sniffing each others butts, humping the sofa cushions, that sort of thing.

    Perhaps not.

  7. Jackie Adshead

    Luka – Mmmm….. dog erotica eh? I hope not. I sincerely and really hope not!!! lol

    Give me pussies anyday!!

  8. Oh, heavens NO! Don’t give up erotic art. Maybe the owners see your passion and love in your paintings and want the same applied to their beloved pets.

    Your technique is brilliant. It makes what you have done seem to radiate energy, life. If the owners wanted just a representation of the pet’s looks, they’d choose a more traditional artist. I think they want to see their dog’s “being” so they picked you.

  9. It’s a ruff deal but I guess you’ve got no choice, pardon the pun…

  10. Jackie Adshead

    Nitebyrd – Oh, there’s no way I’m giving up erotic art! This is just a small diversion.

    And thank you for your comments regarding my painting energy and life, with passion, that’s exactly what I try to depict in my art!!

  11. Well Jackie, your last two commissions may be of doggies but don’t you also have several pussies that need painting as well??

  12. Jackie Adshead

    Racy Redhead – I have indeed!! And I’m itching to get started on them as soon as I can!!

  13. Interesting indeed, dog erotica- noooooo – but interesting that people commission dog portraits from an Erotic Artist.
    I sat and thought about it, then I thought, the old aged question, what is erotica? I know this has been answered in many ways, but behind most descriptions of what erotica is, is something along the line of “stimulating, sensual, perhaps a bit naughty”.

    Now, think of chocolate, think how naughty but nice it was as a child. Even as an adult it has the same feelings. But think about Christmas, chocolates every day for a week. How although it was still nice, it loses its naughtiness, it becomes bland, almost like suppose we’d better have another chocolate.

    Without a contrast does the naughtiness go? Imagine being invited to an Erotic Art exhibition. You walk around, and having seen many images of erotica, you then walk into an area of dog portraits, suddenly you are transported back to non-erotic art, moving the emotions for stimulated to perhaps warmed. Only to walk to the next area perhaps of leather strong erotica. The senses need contrast to sense (if that makes sense).

    It’s a regular trick you will find in some of the best movies, you have the image of cuddly cats playing in a garden, next thing you have a zombie being decapitated. etc.

    So I think dog portraits are fine, as a sprinkling of contrast. I would say, enjoy creating something that people will admire and enjoy for years to come.

  14. I’m an artist too, and when I was younger and fequently skint, I often turned to doing portraits to make a little extra money. More often than not, I was asked to paint either dogs or dead people (for the dead people option, I’d be given some tiny photograph from years ago, depicting said deceased individual at some wedding or other, and asked to work that up into a portrait. Always creeped me out! And yes, dogs, dogs and more dogs. Not once a lovely young naked woman. Eventually I gave it up – clearly all my clients have come to you instead!

  15. Too odd. Maybe they are too embarrassed to ask you for what they really want, Jackie !

  16. Jackie Adshead

    Willsibob – Yes, you’re right about analysing what erotica is – and about it losing its appeal if there is too much of it. That’s why I like to paint different subjects (including dogs!) because then I’ll come back to the erotica artwork with a fresh approach, and will hopefully keep out of the tired and trite churning out of the same old stuff that some artists seem to fall into (it may be right for them to do that, but certainly not for me).

    I just love painting, and creating pictures that people will find pleasure in for years to come.

  17. Jackie Adshead

    Dirtyboy – I’ve also done the dead people portraits for people – and found it difficult, like you – as the person commissioning the portrait were chanelling all their hopes and dreams and fond memories into the painting, and the artist hopes they can fulfil all that and portray it in a decent painting from a small, poor photograph with not enough detail in it, to work from. Having said that, when the picture is done, and shown to the client, it’s incredibly poignant to see their reaction, their tears, their positive response to the painting, and realise that you have captured something of the essence of the dead person, and fulfilled a dream for a living one.

    As for lovely young naked women – I hope you get to paint some nowadays – and that I also can get back to them soon too!!!

  18. Jackie Adshead

    Loving annie – Perhaps! Maybe I can interest them in something naughty for another time!!

  19. Yes, get the dogs over and done with so you can concentrate on my lush painting!!!! xoxoxo

  20. Jackie Adshead

    d j kirkby – I’m trying to! I can’t wait to get started on your exciting erotic landscape!!!

  21. Lucy Felthouse

    Daft bugger. Don’t you dare stop painting naughty pics cos then I’ll have much less inspiration for my stories! Then what will I do?!

    Remember, I know where you live 😉

  22. Jackie Adshead

    Lucy – You know I’m joking on this blog post and have NO intention of stopping painting erotica! I love the clever stories you weave around my naughty pictures!!

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