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Pussies Galore

I’ve got two pussies to paint today – and both so exquisitely ………. DIFFERENT!!! The first is of a fluffy feline moggy, the sort you’d be happy to have purring contentedly on your lap. The second is most definitely not like that at all, although a lot of people might get it purring after they’d been lapping contentedly at it! And of the two paintings, although I shall enjoy doing the first, I shall REALLY enjoy doing the second! I have been thinking for a couple of weeks how I’m going to do the fantasy fanny paintings (and what I’m eventually going to call them, as a collection, too) and I know I want to make them look like contemporary abstracts, with the hint of a naked woman hidden in there somewhere, and lots of bright colours and strong shapes to make the design work. For a design to look good in a painting, it has to work as well in simple black and white, as much as in colour, and doing a thumbnail sketch is the usual way that an artist works out whether a painting will work as a finished composition. So, to this end, I sat down last night with a pencil and a small sheet of paper and I just started drawing in the lines, and then the shading, and it became apparent very early on that the image is going to work well for this painting, there were lots of interesting darks and lights, shapes merging into each other, and textures to play with, before I even think about the colour aspect. So, I’m all raring to go………. the minute I’ve done the watercolour of the fluffy mog!

Whilst we’re on the subject of pussies, I’ve got some lovely new images on my website – most of which have appeared here first, but not in as much detail as my website, plus they all look so much better when seen together in a gallery, with the explanatory text. Lots of lovely erotic images to peruse…….. I’ll be hopefully updating the more vanilla stuff in the next week or so, but the erotic images always take priority! To view them click here:

I saw my friend Lucy Felthouse this week too (are we still on the pussy theme?) and had our usual delightful time together. We talk for hours, laugh a lot, and compare notes on working in the land of Erotica, and although she’s a writer and I’m an artist, we are very similar in our approaches to our work, and the people we work with. It was a very productive night, and with Lucy’s help I feel I’ve leapt forward on my ever growing things to do list!

Just whilst I’m updating the week, I have been booked to appear later on in the year with the WI to go and talk to them about being an Erotic Artist (and boy, am I looking forward to THAT night!!!!!!). Whilst in the pub last week, two separate women I know, who are not in the WI, told me that they are coming to hear me talk that night! So, they’re expecting to be entertained and have a good laugh, which is great, and I hope I manage to give them both!

Now…… back to pussy paintings….

12 thoughts on “Pussies Galore”

  1. Lovely way to start the day (we’re six hours behind you at the moment)–looking over your gallery of erotic drawings, and finding some new and exciting images among the familiar ones.

    We are eager to see how you interpret the two new pussies you have to draw.

    Just one question–what is the “WI”? Around here that stands for Wisconsin, but in your case it must be the Women’s something.

  2. Jackie Adshead

    Hardin – Thankyou for taking a look at my website, which I’m sure you found now features the watercolour I did of Cherrie as “Sex on legs” – and I’m glad I’ve started your day off well!

    The WI is the “Womens Institute” – traditionally considered very staid and proper church going ladies in twin-sets and pearls, whose only excitement in life is making jam and cakes for the local jumble sale (hence my great amusement at their interest in listening to a risque erotic artist who is very used to looking at naked bodies and drawing them in various states of arousal!!!!!).

  3. Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!!

    My god, I’d love to be a fly on the wall when you are chatting to the WI about erotic painting! lol

  4. Jackie, i have just visited your gallery and seen some beautiful drawings. These are my favourite….
    Edges- i love this pose
    Meditation-the hair swept up exposing her pretty neck
    Peaches- I love how his head is buried into her
    Sheet- can’t help but imagine how those crumples were made, she looks exhausted, blissed out…
    Rapture-i just find this so beautiful.

    Glad i looked 🙂

  5. Jackie Adshead

    Vi – Yes, I think its going to be, er, interesting and a lot of people are going to be intrigued about what I shall say to the WI ladies! Perhaps I should issue a dvd of the talk!?

  6. Jackie Adshead

    N – Thankyou for taking a look at my website and I’m really pleased you found some images you liked!

  7. I was talking to my mum yesterday she is in the W.I. I told her about you doing this talk and she asked if you could talk to her group until I mentioned that you are not local, so my friend who is a lady taxi driver is going to talk to them instead.
    by all accounts the W.I. is not quite the same now as it was in my grans day.

  8. Jackie Adshead

    Bittersweet me – Am glad you’ve found …. intrigue….

    And I’m delighted you enjoyed looking at my archives!

  9. Jackie Adshead

    Lady in Red – I’m not sure if I’m put about that I’ve been so quickly replaced by a lady taxi driver! 🙂

    And in all seriousness, you’re right in that the WI is so totally different nowadays, and that in certain areas they are an enlightened and light hearted group of ladies (or else they wouldn’t want me talking to them!).

  10. Lucy Felthouse

    Ooh you do tell fibs young lady. We don’t talk about rude things when I visit, whatever will people think of us? We sit around drinking tea and discussing the weather. Honest. 😉

  11. Jackie Adshead

    Lucy – yeh, and somehow, I don’t think anyone’s gonna believe you…..

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