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Catching rainbows

I decided to try a bit of whimsy this week with my life drawing. It was just an idea to see what a pose would look like if it was drawn in the colours of the spectrum, and I’m really pleased with how pretty it is! I decided to do it on black card as the colours stand out better, and pastel was the obvious medium as it’s instant and bright colour, ideal for my design. I worked out a pose that would take the image well – knowing it had to be the long length of the figure rather than having the figure scrunched up and losing the whole concept of the idea otherwise. The female figure was drawn first in white crayon, then I worked out the seven divisions for the pastel colours, starting with red for the head, descending to violet for the feet. I had considered going down the arms to the tips of the fingers in the blue, indigo, violet, but I think that would have looked a bit too much for the image. It works better that the legs just have those colours and the green fingers are in line with the hip colour.

I’m delighted with the result and could easily see it as a logo for gay pride!

24 thoughts on “Catching rainbows”

  1. Gay pride??? ANY pride. Woman, that’s a hot, passionate portrait. Makes me wanna fuck the artist, ’cause she’s gotta be as hot as the picture…:)

  2. Most effective, I love the way the female figure lights up .. unusual, yeah… I really like it!

  3. Jackie Adshead

    Ronjazz – Wow! Well I count that as a good positive reaction for an erotic artist!!!

  4. Jackie Adshead

    Indigo – Thanks, I think it’s an effective picture too, and an interesting way to do a figure drawing.

  5. Another great and a first. The colouring is superb the vividness of colours light her body with energy. However, her down looking face is somehow out of character, it would be great to see the same but with her head back looking up, hair hanging loose, with her either laughing or in ecstasy, so that the viewer will see her whole body glow with that particular force.

  6. I love the effect! And it would work for a scene with straight overtones too. You could mix up the colors and use them as symbols.

  7. Jackie Adshead

    Willsibob – Yes, I see what you mean – I’ll add it to the “to do” list! I’m so pleased with the result of this little experimentation that I know I shall be doing another version very soon!!

  8. Jackie Adshead

    Cherrie – I’m glad you like it! I loved the idea of a rainbow, and would be interested to use other colours to see their effect, but I’m not sure what you mean about the symbols?

  9. Here’s what I was thinking: red, orange and yellow are hot colors, blue, green and violet are relatively cool. Use the colors to symbolize lust and emotion: one lover may be all red and orange, and the other cool colors until the first one turns him/her on. Or use the hot colors to accent the genital area, and cool colors for the head and shoulders and feet.

    Too trite? I hope not.

  10. Jackie Adshead

    DJ Kirkby – I’m so glad you like it – and thanks for the favourites link!

  11. Jackie Adshead

    Cherrie – Mmmmm….. I see what you mean now. Yes, that would work, and wouldn’t be too trite if it was done tastefully. Of course, if I was drawing you it would be in the very HOT red and orange colours wouldn’t it?!!!!

  12. Definately a logo for gay pride!! You should design it for a t-shirt, I’d wear it for sure.. awesome ..really beautiful.

  13. Jackie Adshead

    Indigo – Thankyou, that’s a good idea! And of course it’s got your colour in it!

  14. Yes I noticed the use of Indigo…very clever. So you design the t-shirts and I’ll gladly buy it and wear it with ‘Pride’..

  15. Jackie Adshead

    Indigo – Ok, so shall I put you down for 500 tee-shirts or will it be just the 1 you want? 🙂

  16. Well actually where I work, there are plenty lesbos so you never know, and I may be able to convert a few more to my side of the pitch! But, yeah… I’ll most definately have a teeeee- shirt… one size fits all?

  17. Jackie Adshead

    Indigo – ok – I’ll sort one out for you. What size would fit you?

  18. Well let me see, my tits are small but not tiny, I’d say a medium would do the trick.. neah hang that, lets go for a small then it’ll cling to my tits and show them off better especially when it’s wet!!

  19. Jackie Adshead

    Indigo – Ok, small it is then! The tighter and wetter, the better. I take it you drive through a lot of car washes?

  20. Thanks you, you made me laugh, needed that .. (see my blogg) no actually I have alot of wet dreams…!! Yeah right!I wish… although car washes would be fun, minus the clothes though..exhibitionist? oh YES!!

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