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Capturing stray pussies

Further to my posting Dare to bare – pussy wanted” on 17th August I’m delighted at the response that (so far) six ladies have volunteered to keep their faces (and to an extent, their identities) hidden but their fannies on show – well, technically, its six but the last one has been volunteered by someone else and they have suggested I send her an email to ask for her details. Now that was an interesting email to send as she isn’t a blogger I know as well as the others, only as someone on the peripheries of other people’s blogs……. so the wording had to be……………..tactful! Something along the lines of “Hello, you don’t know me, but your mate has volunteered you to pose intimately for me, so if you’re willing, can you send me some close-up photos of your fanny?” …… and since I’ve sent the email I’ve not heard anything, so she’s either cowering in a dark corner petrified at the thought, or laughing her head off and trying to work out HOW to take the photos. Cos it’s not easy, at all. I’ve already had some photos sent to me, and had to direct the angle/lighting/focus and composition by email and words. It would be far easier to take the photos myself since I know exactly what I want, to be able to work from, to produce some detailed paintings, but of course that’s not possible to do. The one thing that all the ladies concerned have expressed is the difficultly in getting the photos taken. And I’m sure all the guys out there would jump at the chance to take the photos for them………!

But………… when I get my collection of photos together I will be able to start painting, and since this little………….er…………….exhibition…. was mooted, I’ve had chance to talk to the volunteers and think about what they want and what I want to express in my painting. I did a practice drawing the other week and wasn’t at all happy with the outcome. I ended up with something that could be taken as a gynecological technical drawing, or in certain lights, maybe a botanical drawing of a rare and exotic orchid. And that isn’t what this is about, not for me. Its a celebration of womanhood, an affirmation of the beauty and desirability of females. And because of that, the images should be bright, with strong shapes, and very colourful, probably slightly abstract or maybe a touch surreal, as I fancy introducing the hint of a naked woman amongst the folds, and think that that as an idea will work well. I want to use bright pinks, reds, oranges and golds, and maybe purples, blues and blacks for the hidden depths. I want the paintings to be hung on a wall for people to see, and think they’re looking at some abstract design until they realise with gut-wrenching shock that they’re actually looking at close-ups of womanhood – open, and on view, for all the world to see, and admire, like some erotic flower.

18 thoughts on “Capturing stray pussies”

  1. Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!!

    hhhmmmm, I’ve got a photo you maybe could use, that I took for hunk, but personally, it doesn’t look like a flower to me!

  2. Jackie Adshead

    Vi – Ok, I’d be happy to add it to my growing collection!

  3. Thanks for sharing more of your thoughts behind your project, Jackie. It helps to inspire me to get the right lighting and angles and such. Still working on mine ….

  4. Jackie Adshead

    Sage – I didn’t want people to think I’d forgotten it – and thought they’d be interested to know how far things had progressed. Plus I wanted the participants to realise that others had similar problems in getting the photos taken!

  5. Jackie Adshead

    Indigo – I paint all sorts of things on all sorts of surfaces – you’d be surprised!

  6. Interesting, well I have a black leather motorbike jacket with a blank area on the back, would you? could you? paint a dragon on it for me please? I’ll E-mail you some designs, hey maybe you could start designing tattoo’s…!!, I’d love a dragon tattoo on my back…What with that and t-shirts the world is your oyster…!

  7. Jackie Adshead

    Indigo – yes, I’d love to do a dragon design for your biker jacket! And I’ll happily design a tattoo on any subject you want, dragon or otherwise.

    You’ll be a walking advert for me with your rainbow girl tee shirt, dragon tattoo, and a large dragon on the back of your leather jacket!

  8. I’ll gladly be a walking advert for you, tits and tatts dragons galore and a rainbow girl too. WICKED… AWESOME.!! can’t wait..

  9. As on the subject of taking photo’s of naked pussies, am trying to envisage a photo booth, legs around their heads and hilarious sounds coming from said cubicle! Yes I can see their predicament…

  10. having my cake

    And there was me thinking indigo was gonna ask for her pussy on the back of the jacket 🙂

    I shall have a word with the non communicative blogger. I know she was very keen to participate…

  11. Your painting brings Georgia O’Keeffe to mind–such colorful symbolism.

    The thought of Indigo roaring down the road on a bike with one of your designs on her back must be exciting. How many of your paintings are hidden away in a home or office and seen by very few? This one wouldn’t be.

  12. Jackie Adshead

    Indigo – I love your endless enthusiasm for my artwork, thankyou!!

    Regarding taking the pussy photos -Mmmm…. that would be a predicament – the things the post office has to put up with for the sake of my art!!

  13. Jackie Adshead

    Having my cake – I’m sure now you’ve mentioned it, Indigo will think it an excellent idea!

    Thanks for speaking to the elusive sixth participant – I’m hoping she’s still up for it!??!

  14. Jackie Adshead

    Hardin – Yes it is exciting to think of my artwork living as a tattoo on someone’s skin, or on the back of a bikers leather jacket. To answer you, there are many of my paintings in the private homes of other people around the world, but even if each one is admired by only one person I’m happy. Obviously though, the more people admire my paintings, the happier I am!!

    As far as the whole world seeing my artwork – that’s why I have a website, full of the best of my art over the years.

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