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Choosing the chosen few

I’ve taken the chosen few….. well ……..ten…. paintings to the exhibition. The best of the years work. The ones I’m happiest with, most want to exhibit, the ones, in my opinion, most likely to sell. Wrapped lovingly in their protective covers, they’re taken to the venue, a few questions as to where they should be left, unwrapped they’re brought blinking into the sunlight, and left in the charge of complete strangers, who I entrust to look after my precious creations. These strangers will hang them, choose where they look best, and the next time I’ll see them they’ll be part of a large exhibition of 900 or so pieces of art. And maybe, just maybe, some of them will get the coveted red dots. The mark of a sale. The greatest prize of all – someone wants to own one of my paintings. Wants to buy it, and take it home, to cherish and adore it, as part of their home decor, to enhance and decorate their home……. But because the exhibition is so popular and attracts so many visitors from far and wide, there may be too many paintings for the hanging space. Its an extensive area, but the organisers have no idea what size paintings are going to arrive, and just how they will be hung. Its a mammoth and daunting task. So they ask each artist to pick four, just four, from their chosen ten which will be the first to be hung and after the first ones have been sold, they will be replaced with the next paintings, so that the exhibition will hang as many paintings as they can for this prestigious exhibition, the funds of which are for a charitable organisation. So, tell me this, HOW do I choose? How do I pick just four in a split second of time, do I choose the best, the most likely to sell, the largest, the ones that give a good example of what I do. How on earth do I chose?

8 thoughts on “Choosing the chosen few”

  1. I don’t envy you! It is so hard trying to select your best work, isn’t it? I am sure whatever you go with in the end will be the right choice. Good luck!

  2. Lucy Felthouse

    It’s difficult because how are you to know what sort of people will be at the exhibition? If they were all like me, you could hang two erotic ones, and two of your fairy tale type ones, my favourites 😉 If they’re all vanilla people, who knows?! I’m sure you’ll sell some, you have nothing to worry about!

  3. Just pick any four, Jackie. They will all sell! Seriously, you don’t know exactly what the buyers will be looking for, so don’t try to out-think them.

  4. Jackie Adshead

    Lucy – it’s a vanilla exhibition, so I’ve chosen two landscapes and two tango’s, so that’s totally different to your choice already!!!

  5. Jackie Adshead

    Cherrie – Yes you’re right, I can’t out-think any potential buyers, so have chosen what I consider will be the most popular.

  6. I agree. Choose what you think is most accessible and then filter in the empty spaces. From what I’ve seen, you’ll be richer in no time!

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