Money money money

I’m a happy bunny today – I’ve just been told a local gallery has sold one of my paintings. Big smiles. I’ll go and collect my money in a bit – the price of the painting minus their commission. It makes up for the lack of sales last weekend! Selling art is a funny business. […]

Whats new?

I’m still thinking about what I want to do regarding promoting myself and the offer the businessman made last week to invest a lot of money in advertising me as an artist (and also wanting a large share of the profits afterwards) but part of that decision will also be formed by the fact that […]

Choosing the chosen few

I’ve taken the chosen few….. well ……..ten…. paintings to the exhibition. The best of the years work. The ones I’m happiest with, most want to exhibit, the ones, in my opinion, most likely to sell. Wrapped lovingly in their protective covers, they’re taken to the venue, a few questions as to where they should be […]

Split second decisions

Having spent the last two weekends gallery sitting I’ve had time to sit and surreptitiously watch the viewing public in an art gallery setting, and what surprised me most was how short a time people spend actually looking at art. Some people were taking two to four SECONDS to look at each painting! Now, I […]

Holding the dream

I’m always busy with art, but never too busy that the prospect of a new commission doesn’t excite me greatly. Last weekend I was gallery sitting for one of the many exhibitions I’m part of over August and was delighted that a woman expressed interest in the two tango paintings I had got there, amongst […]

Horny work

Another drawing session with hornymaleuk and this time I put him through his paces – persuading him to do a full two hour pose with the female model, rather than three shorter sessions like last time. Having said that, I think that maybe the images were better last time! So, if he feels he can […]