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Tango til you drop

I’ve done two more tango paintings this week to add to my collection. The first one is called “Red tango dress” and features a couple dancing, she looking coy but aroused, with her lipsticked mouth open in passion, his face unseen under the hat, but his gaze focused on her, as he lifts her left arm high into the air, and swirls her around. The reason I like this image so much is the way the woman is lifting her right leg up to half wrap around the man’s waist. The way the darkness between her open thigh disappears into the black of his jacket pulls the painting and the couple together, and makes the image more erotic. All their lower limbs lead the eye through the painting to that tantalising dark area. Her scarlet dress is flowing with the dance as he leads her from the light into the dark. And as usual I’ve used splatter to emulate the fast movements of the dancers.

The second painting, also a watercolour, is called “Tangoed” and shows a typical tango pose, an arched back and out-stretched leg for the woman, as she curls her left leg around the mans thigh, her head thrown back, her right arm straight as the man grips her hand, he dips her body to the ground, and firmly holds her waist. Again, their lower limbs are leading the eye to her groin area, that scintillating glimpse of upper thigh on show, the folds in the dress leading the eye to it and adding to the erotic-ness of the image. Again the splatter is used to show the movement in their bodies, without it the painting would look very static and boring. But the splatter shows that he’s just moved his raised elbow, his head has jerked forward , and he’s stamped his left foot down hard whilst she has just jerked her elbow, moved her legs and thrown her head back, causing her hair to swing behind her.

4 thoughts on “Tango til you drop”

  1. Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!!

    My fave is the first, I love the way ehr leg is up like that on his torso.

  2. Jackie Adshead

    Vi – Yes, that’s also my favourite of the two – for the same reason! That raised leg is sooo sexy….

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