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Plumbing jobs

I’ve just had the plumber around for a small but annoying plumbing job, he made a comment about one of the drawings I have on my bathroom wall, since it was sexual, and I’d done it. He knows full well I do erotic art. He laughed, shook his head and asked if I’d got any other pictures that weren’t of blow jobs. Sure I have! and showed him some more erotic art. He laughed again and said if I could find someone to give him a blowjob he’d come and pose for me. “Ok” I said, “Are you serious?” “No, I’m not!”, he said quite emphatically. Then……. just as he was leaving he said….. “This woman, who’d give me a blow job, is she nice, how old is she? or is it a man?” I laughed and said I could find him all three if he wanted – a man, if that was his choice, or a woman? Then I said he was a tart as I bet if I said the woman was in her fifties, overweight and had no teeth he’d say no. “Oh, I don’t mind the no teeth bit” he said laughing again. “But”, I said, “If I was to tell you she was eighteen, blonde and gorgeous, you’ll be interested!” He replied “If you can find anyone like that I’ll pose for you, every week, for a year!!!” ……….. So, it looks like I’ve got a new model, anyone interested in joining him??

8 thoughts on “Plumbing jobs”

  1. Well, it all depends on what he looks like…oh yes, and then there is that pond that I need to cross. 🙂

  2. Jackie Adshead

    Sage – he’s early 30’s, just over six foot, nicely built, nice face. I’ll take that as a yes then, if we can work around the logistics?!

  3. Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!!

    Now JACKIE!!!!

    Didn’t you just say to me the other day you’d paint me licking a guys willie with vodka, and I said if you supplied the willie and it had to be attached to a cute guy?

    Your description of him sounds right up my alley!!!

  4. Your post implies that you have difficulty in finding models willing to undergo the misery of being fellated by an attractive female.
    Have you tried putting a card in the newsagents window?

  5. Jackie Adshead

    Vi – yeh, that’s right, I did say JUST that!!!!!It must be serendipity!!!! You’re made for each other in Vodka Heaven!

  6. Jackie Adshead

    Freddy – I know, its a tough job. But every so often I find a model willing to undergo the erotic hardships I require of them.

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